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  • This 20-Year-Old Had To Deliver His Baby Brother Unexpectedly In Their Cebu Home!

    The baby was already crowning so they knew they would not make it to the hospital on time.
    by Kitty Elicay .
This 20-Year-Old Had To Deliver His Baby Brother Unexpectedly In Their Cebu Home!
PHOTO BY courtesy of Bowen Suico
  • Most siblings meet their baby brother or sister clean and swaddled in the hospital or at home, but Bowen Suico did not have that experience. On January 2, 2020, the 20-year-old had to deliver his baby brother in their home in Talamban, Cebu City.

    On his Twitter account, Bowen shared photos of the childbirth, and it instantly went viral. “Wasn’t expecting that I’d see my mom give birth today. I also wasn’t expecting that I’d be the one who’ll help deliver the baby. I had second thoughts, but my mom needed me,” he wrote.

    In an interview with SmartParenting.com.ph via Facebook Messenger, Bowen said that he was fast asleep (which explains why he was not wearing a shirt) when his younger sister, Blair, called out that their mother, who is a nurse, was about to have a baby. “It was around 2:08 in the afternoon. She told me the head was already out,” he shares.

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    Bowen tells Smart Parenting the baby was already crowning, which was why he stepped up to help his mom give birth.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Bowen Suico

    According to a report by GMA News, Bowen’s mother, Maria Glennda, felt her bag of water break while she was fixing things in the house. Her due date was in February, but she also thought she could give birth any time starting the second week of January.

    “I was supposed to go to the CR para umihi, eh, biglang pumutok. Dumiretso na, pagputok, na-fi-feel ko na ‘yung ulo. Wala na talaga, lalabas na,” Maria told GMA News.

    Bowen, who is taking up Information Technology at the University of Cebu-Banilad, admits he was extremely worried about helping. While his stepfather called for a midwife already, Bowen and Maria knew the midwife might not be able to get to their house on time.

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    Bowen safely delivered the baby and cleaned him up before the midwife arrived.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Bowen Suico


    Maria had faith in her eldest son and calmly gave him instructions. “My mother told me to put on surgical gloves and told me to hold the head and then slowly anchor my brother’s body out as she pushed,” Bowen tells Smart Parenting. “She also gave me instructions on how to suction the baby’s mouth and nose. She handed me a gauzed nasal aspirator and I started suctioning. My mother then told me to clean the baby as she handed me the gauze.”

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    Bowen was assisted by his sister and their stepfather. They got ice and blankets for the baby and helped change the dry sheets, and pouring the saline solution to clean the baby.

    After Bowen was done cleaning the baby, the midwife arrived, and she cut the cord and took the placenta out. Bowen's mother and his baby brother, whom they named Bjenz, were then brought to the nearest health center for newborn care. Bowen could finally breathe. “I felt relieved because I know everything was going to be fine,” he shares.

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    Baby Bjenz is a healthy baby boy and weighed 5.6 pounds at birth.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Bowen Suico

    Since Bowen’s post went viral on social media, many admired his bravery, and they also applauded his mom for keeping calm throughout delivery. However, there were also those who questioned why she had to give birth at home.

    Bowen shares that his mom giving birth at home was not planned at all. But she gave birth unexpectedly to her seventh child, Bryle, at home. As a nurse, she wanted to be prepared for any scenario. “That’s why she had medical supplies prepared,” Bowen tells Smart Parenting.


    In his Twitter account, Bowen shares that it was Maria’s eighth childbirth, “so I can say she knows how to handle the situation. I’m very glad that everything went well. My mom is fine, and so is the baby.”

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