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  • The awe and joy of the first meeting.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kristina Ramos and Cristine Cabalo

    There’s no doubt childbirth is an experience no woman will ever forget, but it’s also life-changing for the men. You can just imagine the feeling of anticipation, combined with the feeling of helplessness. Dads may not have been the ones pushing the child (or being cut open) to get their son or daughter out in this world and yet they’ve also waited a long time for this moment.

    21 photos of dads meeting babies for the first time

    Dads react in different ways when they finally see their babies. Some are overwhelmed, some are nervous, and some try to make light of the situation. But they all show immense love for their bundle of joy. Here are 21 photos that provide visual proof of that instant connection.

    1. Simply awestruck

    Simon holds his daughter, Katie.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kristina Sangco-Ramos
    Mom Kristina Sangco-Ramos shares that she gave birth to their daughter earlier than expected, which is probably why her husband looks awestruck while holding their 34-week preemie in his arms.
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    2. A sigh of relief

    “This photo for me is proof that the world is much safer now kasi may na dagdag na namang tatay [na] mas lalong magsusumikap maging ligtas ang kanyang ‘munting binibini,’” says mom Ayi.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ayi Javier Cuaresma

    “This photo was taken after a long day of applying for paternity leave,” shares Ayi Javier Cuaresma. “We’re  worried na hindi siya [mabibigyan ng] leave kasi Holy Week, and as he is a police officer, hindi priority ang leave — safety is the top priority.” All’s well that ends well for this family, as seen in dad Ford’s smile as he holds his daughter Saoirse for the first time.

    3. The long wait is over

    watch now
    Dad Alexander looks visibly shocked in this shot taken just outside the operating room. Who wouldn’t? He looks just like his daughter Ysabella!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Sharon Pelayo Vergaño

    Sharon Pelayo Vergaño and her husband, Alexander, had been trying for a baby for six years. Finally, on December 25, 2017, Sharon’s pregnancy test came out positive — a Christmas gift for the couple.

    “After six years of waiting, kami po ay parang naka-jackpot sa lotto,” says Sharon. “My husband and I are forever grateful that we are living in God’s testimony.”

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    4. First kiss

    Dad John is teary-eyed at finally holding his baby Chloe for the first time.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Cristine Ordonio-Cabalo

    Cristine Ordonio-Cabalo shares she lost consciousness after giving birth, so her husband John was the first one to “hug, touch, and kiss” their daughter Chloe. She admits she was a little jealous, but whenever she sees this shot, she sees the genuine and unconditional love of a father.

    5. Daddy’s got you

    Dad AJ gives her daughter Kylie a sweet kiss.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Han Isidro Calupitan

    Han Calupitan says she could not get up because of her C-section. But her husband, AJ, took care of everything — all for their little girl, Kylie!

    6. I don’t want to let you go

    Dad Ariel gets teary-eyed whenever he looks at his son, Alexzander.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Ella Bautista

    Ella Bautista and her husband Ariel lost their first child in 2015 to a rare condition called Pfeiffer Syndrome Type 2. He passed away due to pneumonia when he was only five months old. “After that, our life was never the same,” she shares. “Sobrang depressed kami pareho. We knew we wanted a child, but we were afraid na baka maulit ang rare case kasi puwedeng genetic siya.”

    A year later, they were blessed with another child, but it was a sensitive pregnancy. The couple feared they would lose their baby. Ella, however, gave birth on July 20, 2017, to a healthy boy. “Hinding-hindi ko makakalimutan na halos ayaw namin siyang ibaba,” she shares. “He is a special gift to us.”

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    7. Careful now

    Dad Gil was scared of carrying his son Aegon for the first time.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Geraldine Defeles
    Mom Geraldine Defeles shares she and her husband Gil had a hard time getting pregnant because she had polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). The moment Gil saw their baby, he was crying. “He was so overwhelmed and very happy,” she shares.

    “I still remember how he handled everything alone the day I gave birth until the day we were discharged from the hospital. He’s a husband and dad who puts his wife and child’s needs first before his own. He’s a great father,” Geraldine says.

    8. Look of love

    That’s one lovestruck dad.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Indira Perando

    Some dads aren’t given a chance to be in the delivery room with their wives, so Mark Alnas saw his son Leven for the first time when he was brought to the hospital room from the nursery. “Mark didn’t know I took a photo of them,” shares his wife, Indira.

    9. Hello there

    Do you see that hint of a smile on dad Jeffrey’s face? That’s a look that tells his son, “You’ll be all right.”
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Maey Mcnulty

    Having a preemie is a scary experience, but dad Jeffrey mustered a smile as he carried his youngest son, Jazz, for the first time. “My husband and I are truly blessed that God listened to our prayers of giving them the precious life,” shares his wife, Maey.

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    10. Daddy’s girl

    Dad Paolo could not believe that his daughter Paola is finally here.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Quennie Tapero

    The moment their daughter was brought down from the nursery to the hospital room, Paolo Yasa could not stop staring at her. Even though she was weak and still recovering from birth, his wife, Queenie, couldn’t resist snapping a photo. “He kept saying that she’s so beautiful and that she looks like him,” she shares. “I picked up my phone and told myself that I have to capture this precious moment.”

    11. Tired but happy

    Dad Justin was jetlagged from flying from the U.S. to the Philippines, but his exhaustion vanished the moment he held his daughter, Riley.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Sarah Dyson

    Mom Sarah Anonuevo Dyson gave birth earlier than expected, so they were lucky that her husband Justin, an American pilot working in the U.S. arrived in the Philippines the day before her water broke. Sarah’s labor and delivery was easy, but it was quite a while before Justin was called down to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) to see their daughter Riley

    “When they finally brought Riley to our room, I saw my husband’s face light up — I have never seen him that happy,” Sarah shares. “Everyday Justin charms me with his personality, but it’s in that moment of seeing him as a father that I realize just how much blessed I am and my love for him has grown.”

    12. Time for a selfie

    We're amazed at how chill this dad was during his son’s birth that he was even able to take a perfectly-timed selfie!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rina Arejola

    Some dads are lucky enough to be present in the delivery room when their child is born. This dad took advantage by taking a selfie of the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

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    13. Teamwork

    One way to include dad in childbirth is to make him the one to cut your child’s umbilical cord.
    PHOTO BY Joy Celeste

    Part of Joy Celeste’s birth plan was for her husband, Adrian, to cut their second child's umbilical cord. “It was dad's first time to do so,” she shares. “He thought [the] umbilical cord was soft and easy to cut, but he was surprised that it was hard, and it felt like cutting a plastic tube.”

    14. Christmas present

    This photo was taken on December 24, 2018, at the hospital nursery. Doesn’t dad look so much like his daughter?
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Sarah Tadeo

    In 2017, mom Sarah Tadeo was diagnosed with PCOS, and she had to sacrifice her job abroad to undergo monitoring and treatment. “While I was still having my work-up, there was a time I caught my husband, Alvin, staring with jealousy at the fathers who were looking at their babies through the nursery window (the nursery was across the clinic). It broke my heart,” she shares.

    Finally, on December 22, 2018, their prayers were answered, and Sarah gave birth to a daughter via emergency CS. Sarah was immediately discharged but by December 24, their daughter, Savinne, was still in the hospital. “We stayed in the hospital for another night so we can view her in the nursery and at least be together in one building,” she says.

    Thankfully, the nurse allowed them inside the nursery after they told her that it was their first Christmas as a family. “I felt so blessed and jubilant that I was finally able to take a photo of that precious moment that I dreamt and prayed for,” Sarah shares.

    15. Calm and collected

    Who knew that before this photo was taken, dad Emil was panicking about his wife’s delivery!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Kristine Salunga

    Mom Kristine Salunga says that while she was in labor, the nurses handed her husband Emil a list of things they would need before the baby was born — diapers, socks, clothes, blankets, wipes, etc. “My husband panicked — he brought the entire suitcase and gave it to my OB!”

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    16. Proud dad

    Even if his face is half-hidden by a medical mask, you can tell Lucky is grinning from ear-to-ear. We also think he’s a bit teary-eyed!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Bea Gonzales Alpino

    As an OR (operating room) nurse, Lucky Mojica had the privilege of being with his wife Bea (who is also a nurse) inside the delivery room. Their nurse friends were gracious enough to capture each moment of the birth of their son, Lucas. “This is the first father and son moment while I was still on the OR table,” shares Bea.

    17. Pure joy

    Pierre is a seafarer who only met his son in person six months after he was born. But the way he looks at his son is priceless — he even looks as if he’s about to cry!
    PHOTO BY Joi Dela Cruz-Suñas

    Not all fathers get to meet their babies right after they are born. Pierre Suñas’ son Simon was already 6 months old when dad finally met him, but it was still a magical moment. That’s pure joy right there.

    18. All wrapped up

    Dad Melchor cut his daughter Madison’s umbilical cord. Doesn’t he look proud of himself for a job well done?
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Raquel Natanawan-Angeles

    Mom Raquel Natanawan-Angeles says her husband Melchor met their daughter first. “He witnessed everything — including baby's crowning!”

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    19. Watching over you

    Dad Julius was actually with his wife the whole time in the delivery room, but there was no snap of him with his son. Still, one can’t deny this pure love that’s showing from his gaze.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Niña Lazaro Obial

    “I snapped this photo upon waking up to feed our son,” mom Niña Obial explains. “I was moved by his love for our son, Juan.”

    20. The luckiest man

    Dad Bladimyre only has eyes for his son, Crey.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Arnisah Perez

    Arnisah Perez shares she was too sleepy after she was given anesthesia for her CS delivery so she did not get to see or hold her baby when he was born. The first one to carry her son was her husband, Bladimyre. “He was teary-eyed when he carried our baby. He is the luckiest man for meeting his child first,” she shares.

    21. Love at first sight

    Childbirth is a family affair, as this photo proves. Look how happy Nicolo is to see his son Timothy!
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Thea

    For dads like Nicolo* who are not allowed inside the delivery room, waiting outside the nursery for the first glimpse of their child can be agonizing. But it is also very rewarding. “This is the first time my husband saw our son, perfectly captured by our baby's pediatrician from inside the nursery,” shares his wife, Thea*. “Indeed, it looked like love at first sight!”

    *surnames withheld

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