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  • Handling Pain due to Caesarean Section Incision

    Learn how to deal by reading this helpful article.
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    Recovering from a caesarean section delivery will take much longer than a vaginal birth . The pain is certainly much more intense, and you may experience gas pain. The best remedy is to take it easy for the next six weeks. That means: no climbing of stairs, no strenuous chores, and no heavy lifting. Walking helps speed up recovery, but don’t overdo it; a few steps around the bed should do, especially in the week right after the surgery.


    Call a Friend: Ask friends or family for help with cleaning and food preparation. Take it easy when you move from a lying to a sitting and/or standing position; either wear a binder around your middle or hug a pillow to your tummy when you get up.
    Photography by Patrick Martires
    Did you undergo a CS delivery? How did you deal with the pain afterward? Share your experience with us. Fill up the comment form below.
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