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  • Iya Villania Delivered Daughter Alana After Just Two Pushes!

    Watching her birth vlog makes giving birth look easy but Iya Villania swears, 'Nahirapan ako.' might look easy
    by Rachel Perez .
  • To mark their little princess’s second week, Iya Villania shared her birth vlog. She gave birth to daughter Alana in the hospital and decided to share what it was like to give birth during the pandemic. 

    “I know mamas giving birth during this time must be scared, but [I] hope this will ease you up a bit,” Iya wrote on Instagram. “Times may be scary but have faith and remember the beauty of what you’re about to go through,” she added. 

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    Iya gave birth to Alana via vaginal delivery on July 18, 2020. The new mama of three was surprised to have a baby girl after caring for two boys, Primo and Leon. Drew Arellano, now a girl dad, just couldn’t help but laugh and smile while saying, “I knew it!”

    After spending overnight at the hospital, they were cleared to go home. Primo originally wanted a baby brother but easily warmed up to Alana. Leon was unsure and cried a little bit. Good thing the brothers received a present from their baby sister! 

    Hospital birthing in the time of COVID-19

    The video started with Iya having contractions at around 3:40 a.m. Her contractions were already “five minutes apart but still bearable.” Next, we see her in the hospital pre-labor room, and her cervix already seven centimeters dilated. Iya is then wheeled to the delivery suite. 


    Singing through contractions, Iya sure made it looked easy. But she also kept on mentioning that she’s due to be given an epidural for pain relief. After getting the meds and at eight centimeters dilated, her doctor broke her water bag simultaneously while Iya had a contraction. She said it’s “para tulungan ung ulo na bumaba.”

    When it was time to deliver, Iya was guided by her birth team to push for 10 seconds and then again and viola! Baby Alana is out! She continued filming while she birthed her placenta.

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    Iya treated giving birth like a workout

    Everyone couldn’t help but notice how easy it was for Iya to give birth because the how high her energy was after delivery. “I guess parang, you know, that feeling after a workout, where you’re just high, and you’ve got all the energy. That’s how I feel after delivery,” Iya shared. 

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    On a serious note, though, she said delivering a baby is tough. “It’s the most uncomfortable feeling, and every time I do it, it’s like I don’t ever want to feel this again. And then, what do you know, umabot pa ng tatlo, so sana yun na talaga yung huli,” Iya said. 

    Iya had recently has started sweating on the stationary bike on Tuesday, August 4. She thanked everyone who watched her birth vlog, but also addressed comments on her birth vlog that says “parang hindi nahirapan” and “parang hindi nanganak.” 

    Iya is slowly back to working out. She showed off her postpartum belly to prove she did give birth!
    PHOTO BY Instagram/Ita Villania

    “Nahirapan ako and nanganak po ako,” Iya said while showing proof. She still has a postpartum pouch, showed her stretch marks. Iya even pointed out that her belly button is still stretched and that her linea negra (the dark vertical line preggos have on their tummy) is still there. 


    Watch Iya's birth vlog below:

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