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'Para Sa Mga Taong Nagsasabi Na Madali Lang Ako Manganak: No,' Iya Villania On Her Last Pregnancy
  • Iya Villania and Drew Arellano released a very personal and special vlog, where they shared what transpired during the birth of their fourth and last child, Astro Phoenix.

    Their YouTube channel, Life with the Arellanos, was last updated six months ago, and the host apologized for the delay, saying "mothering of four happened" (with some pana cotta on the side). The vlog about Astro's birthing story was released on July 18, the same day their only daughter Alana turned two. 

    With only Drew and Iya taking turns to document their last pregnancy journey, Iya said it was a memorable pregnancy because of its many firsts.

    On June 4, around 8 A.M., the couple headed to the hospital because for the first time, Iya's water broke. She said it was also her first time testing positive for GBS or Group B strep, a bacterial infection that can cause complications in the baby.

    Iya said she hoped for this pregnancy to be her last, and her first natural birth - one without epidural. She clarifies that she was still oxytocin-induced, but through faith and movement, she didn't need an epidural for a normal delivery.

    While waiting for her cervix to dilate, Iya kept moving and standing in the labor room. She then said, "Para sa mga taong nagsasabi na madali lang akong manganak, no. Because pang-apat ko na ito, and ito pa ang pinakamatagal, 5hrs and were still here."

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    She got worried that she will undergo C-section delivery if the contractions don't progress within 18 hours.

    'TikTok is the key!'

    Iya started to feel impatient at 4 P.M., "Let's bring on the contractions! We need to dilate! We need to soften the cervix! We need to get the baby out! TikTok is the key!" she said.

    Then as Iya explained, "At around 4:15pm, after my 4pm IE (internal examination), I felt discouraged with the progress and felt like the pain was already starting to take me to another dimension. And because things were happening at a slower pace, I was afraid of how much longer I would have to bear the pain so I asked them to call my anesthesiologist (who was on standby at home since the plan was to go natural). It was during this time God just took over! At that point on, things went into hyper drive!"

    She adds, "From urgently asking them to call my OB back into the room and jumping onto the bed at 4:33 P.M., it was 6mins of delirium and then at 4:39 P.M., Astro was out!!!"

    The mom of four said her dream unmedicated birthing experience happened, and she owes it to God. "It was such an amazing moment! And from what I imagined to be a traumatic experience, I understand now why mothers still choose to do it again!"

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    'Still enjoying this high'

    A day after, Astro underwent circumcision and Iya was recovering well. 

    Researchers in Australia claim the benefits of male infant circumcision definitely outweigh the risks.

    She told Drew, "I feel good more than anything. I'm still enjoying this high that I had from yesterday's event. I'm just so happy and grateful in this moment: tapos na yung labor and delivery, I'm alive and kicking, and the baby is healthy."

    Iya even shared a few tips for moms-to-be.

    1. Bring your essentials

    Iya candidly shared in her vlog that moms-to-be should pack their personal stuff like towels and cutlery to be able to have a better recovery experience in the hospital.

    "Don't forget to bring a towel because I did. They've been using plastic spoon and forks, so para mas masaya yung kain ninyo sa ospital magdala ng sariling fork and spoon," she said.

    2. Be mindful of your health

    Iya says this is her healthiest out of her four pregnancies.

    "I was more mindful of my eating, more careful about my food intake." She adds that because of that, she didn't gain as much weight as she did before, and also didn't feel any backpain. She also was able to work through her 38th week. "It was the best in terms of feeling. I felt good throughout this one," she said.

    In her pregnancy with Primo, she also shared items that helped her have a good pregnancy. Read it here.

    3. Have faith

    Aside from being physically fit, Iya revealed that her faith made it possible to deliver Astro in the way she hoped and prayed it to be.


    "This birth is extra special because it will always remind me of how God took me through til the end even when I had given up."

    She adds, she's grown a lot in the past year when it comes to her spiritual life. "I felt that this time, I actually had what it would take for me to succeed… FAITH. Faith, not in my own strength and ability, but faith that God would get me through."

    "God is truly faithful to perform," she said.

    While this may be the last story we'll ever write about Iya's pregnancy, we are always excited to know updates about the happenings among the Arellanos, especially their co-sleeping situation!

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