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  • Nina Corpuz

    Niña Corpuz
    Broadcast journalist, ABS-CBN
    Wife to Vince Rodriguez and mom to Stella, 1 year 8 months
    3 months pregnant with their second child at the time of the interview  

    SP: Tell us your birthing story.
    Niña: My birthing story is very memorable. Three weeks before I was due to give birth, I had severe stomach pain and we didn’t know what it was. At first we thought I was having contractions so we went straight to the hospital, although it felt like gas. When we got there, even the doctors didn’t know what it was – it could be gastritis, contractions, anything. I was screaming in pain, and they couldn’t give me pain killers because I was pregnant. The pain wouldn’t go away so they thought maybe it’s something else.

    They had a few tests done – blood tests, ultrasound -- but nothing showed. My OB said it could be appendicitis but they weren’t 100% sure. It was difficult for the doctors to diagnose it because I was due to give birth in three weeks via Caesarean Section (because my baby was in breech position). My doctor said they can’t leave it to chance, that they need to open me up kasi nga baka appendicitis na. So they brought me to the operating room, and that’s when the pain started to focus on just one area. It turned out, appendicitis nga, but my pregnancy masked all the symptoms. When they got the appendix, it was about to rupture already.

    After the operation, I went home, but it was still very painful so I had to go back to the hospital after a few hours. Yun pala, the gangrenous appendix had infected the wound, so they had to open the wound again  – without anaesthesia -- because the doctor who attended to me was not my doctor and didn’t want to risk giving me medications, seeing that I was pregnant. The pain was unbearable, I was screaming! And I was eight months pregnant! They couldn’t stitch me up just yet because they needed to treat the infection first. They couldn’t give me the stronger pain killers either, so I had to endure that for three weeks, until I gave birth. I was in the hospital for almost a month. To top it all, the baby would kick the wound from inside. Imagine the pain! There are no words. You scream and nothing comes out of your mouth.

    Three weeks later, I gave birth to my daughter Maria Stella Rodriguez on May 1, 2012. Next thing I remember we were in the room with the baby, and I couldn’t believe that there was this new person, but you just know that you love her with all your heart and soul. Everything was worth it, all the pain that I went through. I think God allowed all that pain to tell me that I am stronger than I think I am. (Note: Niña also tells us she survived an episode of food poisoning and high fever due to a viral infection while pregnant.)    

    But even after they had closed my CS wound, my appendectomy wound was still left unstitched to let the infection heal naturally. Ako pa naman, I have a very low tolerance for pain, I was so scared of giving birth because of the pain. My prayer was for God to not let me feel any pain when I give birth, and true enough, I didn’t  -- with what I went through, balewala yung pain ng CS compared to the appendectomy.


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