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  • Valerie Bondoc

    Valerie Bariou-Bondoc, 31 years old
    Print & TV model
    Wife to actor Onemig Bondoc and mom to daughter Armelle, 6 years old, and Antoine, 4 months old

    SP: Tell us your birthing story
    Valerie: I gave birth at St. Luke’s in The Fort on my due date, April 10. The day before, April 9, I was walking a lot. There were no contractions the night before but in the morning I had spotting, so they rushed me to the hospital. I gave birth to our baby boy Antoine Maëlan Mariano Bariou Bondoc through normal delivery on April 10, 2013. He weighed 7.8 pounds and measured 53 cms in length.

    I think I had a good dose of anaethesia so it wasn’t as painful as when I gave birth to my daughter. I started dilating at 10 am, and by 3:30 pm the baby was already out. It was very convenient because I gave birth during the day, I was well-rested.

    When I gave birth to (my daughter) Armelle in France, I never lost sight of the baby, she was always with me. With Antoine, in St. Luke’s, I gave birth, then I had to wait in the recovery room while they cleaned him up. Then we were brought up to the room together and the baby was with me the whole time. I was able to breastfeed right away. It was good because I didn’t have to go to the nursery anymore. It was pretty much easy. What was hard was when the doctors would come every hour to check on the baby, so I couldn't sleep. I wasn’t used to that because in France they only come when you call them. But everything went well. We were only at the hospital for 3 days and then I was discharged.


    SP: Did you have any cravings while pregnant?
    Valerie: Carbs. That’s why I gained so much weight. After giving birth I was 180 pounds, and I thought, this is a mistake -- I gave birth already (laughs). I didn’t stop myself from eating. In the beginning I was trying to do some juicing, but I had to be careful and avoided raw food.

    SP: What are you doing now to lose the extra weight?
    Valerie: Well, as of now I’m modeling for a plus-size brand, so they asked me not to lose weight. With my first child, I lost weight just by breastfeeding. In two months, I was back to my pre-pregnancy body.

    SP: What tips can you give first-time moms who are just about to give birth?
    1. For the baby stuff, I only bought the stuff that I didn't have after my baby shower was finished.
    2. Breastfeeding is the best. The antibodies help the baby not to get sick. You also save a lot of money.
    3. With Armelle, I didn’t have a lot of pictures [and I regret that]. So with Antoine I had his picture taken at two weeks old, which is the perfect time, because after that the baby's hair will shed.
    4. I use the app Smallnest for feeding schedules, etc. It helps simplify life because I am able to record all the useful info
    5. I drink lots of liquids to improve my milk supply.

    What's in Antoine's baby bag? Click 'View slideshow' above to browse through the photos!

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    Photos by Dairy Darilag. Hair and makeup by Jennifer Nagrampa (contact her at 0917-2074618)

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