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I Have A Newfound Respect For Women After Watching 'Childbirth'
  • The Netflix series Sex, Explained, produced by Vox and Netflix, is probably one of the best documentary series available right now. I had previously written about one of its episodes, "Fertility," urging all men to watch it, especially those who want to be dads.

    There is another awe-inspiring episode in Sex, Explained entitled "Childbirth." I guarantee you that you will have a newfound respect for the female sex, and you will never look at the female body the same way again.

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    Anyone who's ever had a root canal can agree with me that it is one of the most painful things a human being can endure. But make sure you don't say that out loud to a mother. I know for certain that there is nothing more painful than birthing a child. And this episode will show what that pain is like when you see and hear the women screaming during labor. 

    Do you know what makes birthing a human child possible, though? That seemingly superhuman amount of stretching is thanks to the female's cervical tissue – the tissue that comprises a woman's cervix. It can stretch itself to five times its usual length to accommodate an infant passing through during childbirth. It gradually opens up to 10 centimeters! (Click here for a visual on how the cervix opens up for childbirth).

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    Then, after all that stretching, the cervix reverts back to normal. As the documentary says, "Put simply, the cervix is an anatomical and engineering marvel." That alone should blow a guy's mind. It might even be enough to convince you that God is a woman.


    For us males, the most painful event in our lives would probably be circumcision. But, let's face it, that's like a pinprick compared to birthing a child. I think biting one's tongue is even more painful than the male circumcision. It is nothing at all compared to the pain endured by a woman in childbirth.

    My wife has birthed once. My mom has birthed five times. So I salute all mothers, I have nothing but respect for you. I think I might just give my mother a hug after this.

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