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    New moms are failing to seek help even when they need it, according to a study.

    A survey conducted by Healthdirect Australia, Australias’s national pregnancy, birth and baby helpline, found that 53% out of 1,011 new moms they interviewed couldn’t admit that they were having problems to anyone, not even close friends and family.

    58% of the women interviewed said they avoided seeking help or advice from other people because they were afraid of being judged.

    The online survey also found that expectant moms’ top concerns were something being “wrong” with the baby, miscarriage and coping financially. For new parents, it was their own lack of sleep, helping the baby sleep, feeding the baby, recovering from childbirth and taking care of older siblings and the baby at the same time.

    “This shows that many parents are struggling at one time or another, which could lead to feelings of isolation. Having a baby is a major life change—it can be tough going,” said Colin Seery, CEO of Healthdirect Australia.

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    He added, “With a further four in 10 respondents reporting that they felt the need to appear positive and excited about the pregnancy when they felt differently on the inside, it seems that new parents are feeling the pressure to put on a brave face.”

    So why is it that more women are seeking less help when the amount of stress and problems of being new parents haven’t reduced anyway?

    Ebony Steadman, a mother of three who took part in the survey, said social media was a big reason, especially since a lot of other parents were sharing on their accounts and acting like everything was fine.

    “It makes you feel like you're doing something wrong,” she said. “You're not about to declare to the world that your baby is doing the opposite; it makes you feel like a failure.”

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