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  • Postpartum Vaginal Discharge

    Learn more about postpartum vaginal discharge, its causes, and what you can do to deal with it.
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    Marinella G. Abat, M.D., an ob-gyne from St. Agnes General Hospital and VRP Medical Center says that this is also known as lochia. She adds that, “This comes from the uterus. Do keep in mind that the lochia will undergo changes through out the post-partum period. In the first three to four days, the discharge is usually red in color. In the next three to four days, the discharge becomes pinkish and after 10 days it will become light yellow and creamy in color. The discharge commonly lasts for about four to eight weeks post-partum. In the event that the lochia is foul smelling or becomes persistent, one should seek consultation right away. This could be due to poor healing, infection or retained placental tissues.”
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