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  • Real Moms Share Their Photos When They First Saw Their Babies

    Not all were smooth-sailing deliveries, but these moms-to-be forgot about it the instant they laid their eyes on their babies.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Real Moms Share Their Photos When They First Saw Their Babies
PHOTO BY Liz Yeager/Facebook; Desiree Ruth Danyal/Facebook
  • One of the most magical moments in a woman’s life is the first time she lays eyes on her baby. There’s no feeling like seeing the little one you carried in your tummy for nine months finally born into the world. Truly unforgettable and to be treasured. And, a lot of moms agree. Proof is in the Facebook post by Breastfeeding Mama Talk

    The page posted a photo of a mom and her newborn with words written on top of it that read “Nothing beats this moment.” Soon after, a lot of moms took to the comments to share photos and tell stories of their birthing experience, and the first time they met their babies. 

    Here are just a few of the heartwarming tales and pictures shared by the moms. See the post and all of the comments here

    1. A beautiful moment in black and white

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    “My husband and doula physically moved my arms to this position because I wanted to actually feel like I was 'holding' him. Best moment. He did the breast crawl shortly after.” - Kristen Easley

    2. When you know it's love at first sight

    “Had a horrible delivery, we basically [had] an unscheduled C-section, threw up the entire time I was being cut open and was delivering her. But nothing can take away the moment I first saw my first baby. I was completely numb and out of it from dry heaving, but I was so in love!!” - Liz Yeager

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    3. That feeling of overwhelming gratitude

    “The moment I got to meet our second. It was different...my first was an emergency Cs-ection after 24 hours of labor and stalling at 5cm, and our son's heart rate dropping. I was put under, and my partner couldn't be in the operating room. With our daughter, 7 weeks ago, it was scheduled and surreal and a completely different experience. I'm grateful for this moment and every one since.” - Alia Preston

    4. When you can't stop crying 

    “I cried like a baby. It was beautiful,scary and the most rewarding moment. My favorite part was how calm he was once he was by his momma.He stopped crying instantly and just snuggled close.” - Sunshine Holz  

    5. When you never want to let go 

    “I had an unmedicated vaginal birth. But as soon as he was out I ripped him from the nurses' hands and had skin to skin. I didn't want to let him go. Besides my husband and the doctors, I didn't let anyone hold him. I just wanted to hold him nonstop.” - Frank Alyssa Moreno 

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    6. The gentle touch of a mom's caress

    “One of the best moments of my life, this was taken at my 4th scheduled C-section, May 23rd =,before my son was taken to NICU.” - Julie Salisbury 

    7. The first time you realize how fragile and small your child is

    “I was saying, 'he's so little!' Because I thought he'd be a lot bigger. Then he nursed for two hours.” - Desiree Ruth Danyal 

    8. When you get double the love

    “First time meeting baby 2 and 3, now almost 8 months old!” - Evany Atchison 

    9. When you feel the same emotions all over again whenever you remember the moment

    “Most magical moment... I have butterflies thinking about it.” - Angela Marie Flores

    Share with us the photo when you first met your baby via our Facebook Messenger.  

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