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  • What Happens If You Go Into Labor Ahead Of Your Scheduled C-Section

    If you give birth via C-section once, would it be dangerous if your suddenly go into labor?
    by Rachel Perez .
What Happens If You Go Into Labor Ahead Of Your Scheduled C-Section
  • No one wants to give birth via Cesarean section (CS) for several reasons. But for some mamas, the major surgical operation can save their life and that of their baby’s. Still, many moms ask: Kapag na-CS po ako once, CS na po ba ako forever?

    In Smart Parenting’s How Po Series Episode 2, entitled The New Normal In Pregnancy And Childbirth (Part 1), Dr. Maynila Domingo, obstetrician-gynecologist specializing in maternal-fetal medicine at ManilaMed in Manila City, explained that not all moms will give birth via C-section in succeeding pregnancies. 

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    “Pwede ka naman mag-normal delivery ulit after a Cesarean section or what we call vaginal birth after Cesarean section (VBAC),” Dr. Domingo said. But it still depends on why you had to undergo a C-section in the first place.

    “If the indication for your previous cesarean section is maliit yung sipit-sipitan mo, hindi talaga bubuka, or hindi talaga kumakasya yung bata kahit normal size ang head, so ang sasabihin sayo ng doctor mo, repeat CS,” Dr. Domingo added as an example. 


    Having a small cervix is just one of the CS indications that will still be present when you give birth again. It’s one of the conditions that does not allow you to have a VBAC. Other considerations for VBAC include the incision scar in your uterus, pregnancy spacing, complications, etc. (Click here to check if you’re an excellent VBAC candidate.)

    Because you’re set for a repeat CS, you don’t have to wait for labor to give birth. Your doctor will discuss with you and arrange a scheduled or elected C-Section delivery. 

    “Hindi na natin aantayin na mag-labor ka ulit, tapos hindi ulit bumuka, tsaka tayo ulit nagsi-CS,” Dr. Domingo explained. “Kumabga, wag mo na siyang ipag-labor kasi alam mong hindi siya manganagk kahit mag-labor siya,” she added. 

    It also saves you a lot of costs. You would only have to pay for the operation room instead of spending to use the labor and delivery room and the operating room. (Click here to know how to save cost for elective CS.) 

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    Going into labor when you’re scheduled for repeat CS

    Say, you’re set to have your repeat C-section delivery, but you suddenly went into labor a week earlier than your elected CS date, is it dangerous? It’s not necessarily a bad thing. 

    Dr.Domingo explained: “If you’ve already identified that this mother, because of her health issues or because of other obstetric indications, yung mga dahilan na hindi talaga siya pwede ng mag-normal, she will undergo the abdominal delivery earlier than scheduled.” 

    It is your right to know why you need a C-section because doctors perform the surgery only when needed. “Alamin niyo kasi it is your right,” she stressed. Ask your doctor why you need a C-section and if you can still try for vaginal delivery in the future. Dr. Maynila appealed to all mothers to ask why they have to undergo a C-section. 

    Watch the How Po series below:


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