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4 Positions to Try if You're Having Sex for the First Time After Childbirth
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  • While most preggos enjoy pregnant sex, it's a different scenario after giving birth. Whether you had a C-section or vaginal delivery, doctors will advise you to hold off the sex until six weeks have passed postpartum. No exception. 

    After all, it's a safe bet you're not looking forward to jumping in the sack right away (hormones can affect your sex drive). Your body had been through a lot, so you should give it time to heal and recuperate. It is also highly likely that it can feel like it's your first time again. New moms have shared having sex was painful, or it felt uncomfortable after childbirth even if you took your time getting back.

    The most important thing is sex after giving birth is a personal choice your partner should respect. "What matters is you're comfortable so you can focus on pleasure," a licensed marriage and sex therapist Kat Van Kirk, Ph.D., tells Women's Health.

    Best sex positions after a C-section

    Nonetheless, when you do decide to get busy under the sheets again, there are a number of sex positions you can try to ease you back into normalcy. These positions go easy on your midsection without taking away the pleasure. Remember, though, to start slow!  

    Woman on top
    It is also called the cowgirl position, and it allows the woman to be in control of the depth, speed, and overall sex rhythm, according to Dr. Van Kirk, Ph.D., who is also the author of the Married Sex Solution: A Realistic Guide to Saving Your Sex Life.

    To spice it up, bring the sex out of bed, and do it on a chair or couch. Try the straightforward or reverse lap it up. It's similar to a woman on top, but instead of having your partner on the bed, have him sit on a chair or couch. Then move on top of him while facing him (straightforward) or have your back towards him (reverse).

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    With this lazy but intimate sex position (lie down beside your partner with your back to his chest, and let him enter you), your partner can be gentler, Dr. Van Kirk says. It also steers the spotlight away from your body during sex if you still feel shy about your postpartum body. 

    You can also try the Lazy L sex position. Lie on your back as your partner forms the L shape as he enters you. It takes the cuddling out of spooning position, but it can offer you good but not too deep penetration. It also gives your partner access to pleasure your clitoris using his hands. 

    From behind
    Rear-entry positions work, too, although it may not be too comfy for women who had tearing, sex expert and educator Bethany Ricciardi tells She Knows. Here are two most popular rear-entry sex positions you can try: 

    The Frisky Flip, where you lie flat on your stomach with your legs close together as you let your partner enter you from behind, is a rear-entry sex position that limits penetration, says Dr. Van Kirk. You literally don't have to do anything but relax and enjoy.

    Doggy Pillow, on the other hand, is doggy style but instead of you supporting your upper body weight with your arms, use a stack of pillows to carry your weight. 

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    Missionary can be especially rewarding for you and your spouse, but Ricciardi warns that it could also pull your stitches if you've had a C-section due to the pelvic thrust action. Still, the most trusted sex position may still work for you if you take it nice and slow. 

    Putting a pillow under your lower back makes this position more comfortable. It helps put less stress on your lower back, but it allows for deeper penetration. Another way to relieve pressure off your lower back is to do the edge of the bed or partner standing sex position. Lie down on the bed with your butt almost at the edge of the bed, and let your standing partner enter you as he holds your legs up. 

    Reclaiming your sex life after giving birth does not happen overnight. It's okay to wait. When you're finally ready to get under the sheets, open communication and understanding are the key things to help you and your partner get your sexy back. 

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