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Mom Felt 'Exposed' When Husband Shared Photo Of Her Childbirth Without Her Permission
  • We all share photos on social media, especially when we want to share good vibes, family milestones, and celebrations. It can be problematic, however, if someone takes your photo and shared it without your permission, even if that is a husband.

    Sophea Manzl of Australia was not too happy intitially when her husband shared a photo of her and their newborn to all his officemates without her knowledge. “I felt completely exposed and humiliated,” Sophea shared to Kidspot

    After 40 hours of labor, she woke up from a 30-minute well-deserved sleep, but she was startled to find a congratulatory message from her husband’s work colleague. She had not announced or shared anything about the birth of her little angel.

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    The culprit was her husband who admitted he sent an email blast of a “a few photos” to his officemates.

    “The photos were taken as soon as our girl was born,” Sophea shared. “I was still lying on the surgery bed, and the surgeons were still stitching me back up.”

    “I was mad at my husband for taking this away from me and a little hurt that I didn’t get to be the one to share the photos of our precious girl,” she said.

    Sophea never imagined announcing the birth of her child with the photo her husband had shared. The new mom did not want an elaborate photo shoot but a say in the image. (Good to note: Discuss photo sharing with your husband beforehand and be on the same page.)  


    “I felt as if something so private had just been shared with so many people,” she explained.

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    To her husband’s defense, his intentions were pure. “I sent it because I am so proud of you and our girl, and you both look stunning,” he told Sophea. Aww. 

    Sophea admitted telling the story now sounds ridiculous. After some time, she realized she could have been making a big deal out of it. She thanked her husband for “seeing what truly mattered at that moment” and now thinks her daughter’s birth announcement is her most beautiful photo. 

    “No matter how you look after birth, be proud. Be proud of the life you have just created, be proud of the raw reality of birth,” Sophea wrote. “You are an absolute superhero for birthing that baby,” she added.

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