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  • Video from Kat Bailey/Facebook

    Add another mom-to-be to the list of women who showcases how a woman's body can have incredible strength.

    Kat Bailey from the UK did an off-the-ground pole dancing move while being very much pregnant. If that's not impressive enough, she was in labor when she did it!

    She promised a friend she would perform the special move called the "human flag" while in labor. It had her supporting her whole body with just her arms holding on to the pole, her torso horizontal and with her legs in a split! 

    You can tell she was comfortable doing the pose (and was well experienced with the pole) as she was all smiles all throughout. "Ta-da! Baby can come now," she said laughing, now upright and on her feet again. 

    Exercise is highly recommended for pregnant women provided, of course, that a doctor has given the OK. 

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