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3 Mom-Approved Video Baby Monitors That Offer You Peace of Mind
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  • One of a working mom’s biggest worry is being separated from her newborn after her maternity leave. Even if a family member or a yaya is looking after her baby while she is away, it does little to ease her guilt or anxiety.

    Thankfully, technology has advanced so much that you can now view your baby’s every move through video baby monitors or security cameras. These are useful in many ways — you can keep an eye on baby and yaya while at work or even when you’re already at home. With these devices, you’ll feel secure that you can rest, catch up on your favorite shows, accomplish your chores, or sneak in a little me-time while your little one is sleeping because you can track her movements through your smartphone.

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    Mom-recommended baby monitors and security cameras

    On our Facebook group Smart Parenting (SP) Village, security cameras are a hot topic. Moms are always on the lookout for recommendations, so we pooled the products that many of them have used.

    Cleverdog Panorama


    This product is the most recommended by SP Village moms. It’s a security camera with two-way audio so you can hear and even converse with the people inside the room where it’s installed. It offers a 360-degree view that you can monitor via an app on your smartphone, and it can keep recording videos even when there is no Wi-Fi connection.

    Don’t worry about leaving the lights off at night because it has a night vision feature. It also comes with a motion detection setting — it will automatically send snapshots to your phone when it detects unusual movement.

    When Pauleen Luna went back to Eat Bulaga after giving birth to baby Tali, she shared that she used a security camera to see how her baby is doing. “I have Clever Dog. We check on her all the time,” she tells SmartParenting.com.ph during a product launch in April 2018.

    Buy it here for Php2,650.

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    Mi Home 360 Security Camera

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    One mom in the SP Village recommended the Xiaomi Dafang, which she has been using it for two years now. “You can access it anywhere using your phone, it’s already HD and very clear ang night vision.” She adds that you can even control the angle of the camera using your phone, and it also has two-way audio.

    You can buy it on online stores like Lazada, but there is also a better alternative: the Mi Home Security Camera 360, also made by Xiaomi. It has the same features but has a 360-degree viewing angle. Installed upside down, the device can rotate up, down, left, and right without any restrictions, so you get a panoramic view of the room.

    Buy it in Lazada here and in authorized Mi stores for Php1,990.

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    360 Smart Camera

    Moms also recommend this camera, which became popular in last year’s Momzilla fair. It has very similar features like the other two cameras, but it has a sound and motion detector — the camera will alert your smartphone of loud noises, such as your baby crying. The mom who recommended this said she is based abroad, but she can easily see what her baby is up to here in the Philippines, thanks to the camera.


    Buy it here for Php4,600.

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    Turn your smartphone into a security camera

    If you don’t want to shell out money for a security camera but still want to check up on your baby from time to time, we found a useful hack from an SP Village mom: video calls!

    If you own an iPhone or iPad, you can set up FaceTime to answer calls automatically. Just go to Settings > Accessibility > Call Audio Routing > and set Auto-Answer Calls to ON. Prop the phone up in one corner where you can quickly view your baby, make sure the Wi-Fi is on, and you can now call her and see what she is up to!

    If you’re an Android user, another mom recommended the BabyCam app — if you have a spare Android device, you can use it as a security camera and monitor your baby!

    Of course, nothing beats being physically present with your baby. But with these tools and hacks, a mom's anxieties will hopefully be lessened.

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