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5 Mom-Recommended Breast Milk Storage Bags (Tried and Tested!)
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  • Breastfeeding means that you are your baby's ultimate source of nourishment. You'll need to supply your little one with your precious liquid gold even when you're back at work or just out and about. To do that, you need to express milk using a breast pump (you can use your hands, too!) and breast milk storage bags. 

    Sure, another option aside from bags are reusable milk containers, but they tend to take up so much space in the refrigerator or freezer. Disposable bags save space and will save you the hassle of washing and sterilizing containers. But if you think you can use a resealable sandwich bag or any other plastic bag, no! 

    Why breast milk storage bags and not just any other bag or container? 

    1. Breast milk storage bags should be sterile and BPA-free. You want your breast milk intact and lessen the chances of contamination. 
    2. Most breast milk storage bag brands have built-in volume indicators and labels, so you'd just have to fill in the blanks. It makes your life easier. 
    3. Breast milk storage bags should also be able to withstand freezing, thawing, and warming milk. You want to make sure that the bag will not leak. Every drop counts.
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    In our Facebook group, Smart Parenting Village, pregnant and moms continuously ask for recommendations on many preggy and baby essentials, among many others related topics. Many nursing moms shared which brand of breast milk bag worked for them. 

    Php100 for 20 pieces of 9-ounce bags on Shoppee; Php165 on Babymama

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    Many moms in the group recommended Sunmum because it's affordable. It also comes in a box of 50 pieces.

    Php110 for 20 pieces of 9-ounce bags on Shopee and Quiglebaby; Php165 on Lazad

    Moms love that it's made of thicker material and more durable but still easy on the pocket.

    P300 for 30 pieces of 9-ounce bags on Babymama.ph


    Spectra breast milk bags are clear pre-sterilized and reinforced heavy-duty bags to ensure it's leak-proof.

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    Php379 for 30 pieces on Milkandhoney.ph, Mightybaby.ph and Smart Parenting Convention this July 21 at SM Megamall B.


    K-Mom breast milk antibacterial storage bags come in four different sizes: 50mlm 100ml, 200ml, and 300ml.

    Php385 on BabyHub.com.ph; Php399 for 25 pieces on Milkandhoney.ph and Babymama.ph and Lazada

    Honeysuckle breast milk bags cost more but are also more durable. It comes in 4-ounce and 6-ounce bags.


    Other brands that our Smart Parenting Village moms trusted were:

    • Mom and Baby (Php599.50 for two boxes of 25 pieces on Lazada)
    • Tommee Tippee (Php510 for 36 pieces on Shopee, Php600 on Babymama.ph)
    • Ebelbo (Php550 for two boxes of 25 pieces on Lazada
    • Malish (Php165 for 25 pieces on Shopee)
    • Autumz (Php200 for 28 pieces on Shopee)
    What other parents are reading

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