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Look What This 'Maparaan' Mom Did To Keep Toddler From Opening The Ref!
  • In the Facebook group Smart Parenting Village, moms and dads have been sharing their creative and ingenious hacks to make parenting work while keeping their sanity intact. After all, no one's got everything figured out!

    A mom shared last March her creative solution to keep her toddler away from the refrigerator. Why? For one, toddlers are notorious for putting random things inside this magical appliance! Here's proof.

    That's why, Smart Parenting Village member Mommy Armi Jasmin did what she had to do.


    In a post shared last March, she wrote, "Pag nanay ka ata e required ang pagiging maparaan. [laughing emojis]."

    She added, "May 2 years old ako na ginagawang tambayan ang ref namin kaya ayan, naghanap ako ng patay na ipis. So far so good. [laughing emojis]"

    Apparently, her son is afraid of cockroaches, so she placed a dead insect on the refrigerator. She mentioned that she disinfected it with alcohol and Lysol.


    While her post received hilarious comments, ranging from "Good idea!" to "Ma, totoong ipis talaga?" others were concerned about it being unsanitary.

    How to keep your toddler away from ref

    Some parents then shared alternative solutions, so they wouldn't have to resort to the same method as Mommy Armi.

    1. Install childproof locks

    These locks can be placed on refrigerators and other cabinets to prevent toddlers from opening them without adult supervision.

    2. Rearrange items

    If there are items that you want to keep away from children, keep them out of reach or in locked compartments within the refrigerator. This way, even if the toddler manages to open the refrigerator, they won't have access to anything dangerous.

    3. Divert their attention

    Engage your child in activities that would redirect them from accessing your refrigerator. 

    Where to buy childproof locks

    Here are some recommended childproof locks by Smart Parenting Village moms and dads.

    1. Adjustable Child Lock for Refrigerator (Php 58.00)

    PHOTO BY shopee
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    A mom shared that her child does the same, so she recommend this product that worked for them. You can adjust the length of this one too! To open it, you need to use two fingers at the same time to press the switch.

    Buy it on Shopee here or on Lazada here.

    2. Refrigerator Latch (Php 123.00)

    PHOTO BY shopee

    One mom said, "Buy ka na lang ng ganito mami. Effective naman. Hindi na mabuksan ng toddler ko yung ref namin haha."

    This one comes with a double-sided tape that you can easily place on the ref or cabinet drawers. No tools or drill needed. It has an automatic lock system.

    Buy it on Shopee here or on Lazada here.

    3. Child cabinet lock protection (Php 9.00)

    PHOTO BY shopee

    For a more budget-friendly version of the child-proof lock, this one costs less than Php 10 per piece, so put it wherever you need to! However, some reviews mention that it doesn't stick for long. 

    Buy it on Shopee here.

    If these won't work, and you think Mommy Armi's idea is brilliant, maybe this toy cockroach will do the trick!

    PHOTO BY shopee

    Buy it on Shopee here or on Lazada here.

    Any other creative parenting hacks you can share? Join the conversation here.

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