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Ingatan Ang Legos Ni Baby! Study Says These Are Better Investments Than Gold
  • What is a good investment these days? If you ask around, people will say that gold, jewelry, and antiques are out. Instead, Hermès Birkin bags and hyped sneakers are topping lists for their high returns. Strange times, that's for sure. But, things are getting even stranger if a new study is to be believed.

    Lego sets are better investments

    According to Moscow's HSE University, Lego sets are better investments than almost everything—gold included. The study, published in the Research in International Business and Finance journal, Legos can generate high returns. Rare sets grow by 11 percent annually which is faster than gold, stocks, and bonds.

    Currently, the most expensive sets are the Millennium Falcon, Death Star II, and Imperial Star Destroyer from Star Wars, as well as the Cafe on the Corner and the Taj Mahal.

    Huge market unknown to traditional investors

    "We are used to thinking that people buy such items as jewelry, antiques, or artworks as an investment," said Victoria Dobrynskaya, associate professor at the Faculty of Economic Sciences at HSE. "However, there are other options, such as collectible toys. Tens of thousands of deals are made on the secondary Lego market. Even taking into account the small prices of most sets, this is a huge market that is not well known by traditional investors."


    It isn't so weird considering that Legos are collectible toys. The category has always been a popular investment, after all. Case in point: in recent years, rare copies of Super Mario Bros. and Pokémon cards have broken records at auctions all over the world.

    Before you go out and pick up a bunch of Lego sets, though, the researchers say mostly retired models have been known to increase in price. Makes sense. At least now we know to hold on to the Lego Star Wars models of our childhood.

    Check out the Lego Official Store at Shopee.

    This story originally appeared on Esquiremag.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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