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  • Look! This On-Demand Online Tutors Offer K-12 Subjects At P500 Per Session

    They also have summer courses which include coding, chess, guitar, piano, digital art, and Taekwondo.
    by Iza Cuyos .
Look! This On-Demand Online Tutors Offer K-12 Subjects At P500 Per Session
  • “Like most Filipino parents, I was sideswiped by the amount of school work that transitioned into the home. The concept of distance learning was not something that I had ever dealt with,” shares Patricia Cusi Ramos, a 45-year old mompreneur and one of the founders of Bahay Turo.

    In a Smart Parenting interview, Pat recounts her struggles to keep up with the demands of distance learning.  “I remember having a meeting, trying to hit a deadline, while my son needed help understanding his lessons and doing his homework… I know what a relief it is to have a trusted online tutor to teach and guide your child,” she reveals, echoing every parent’s struggle to juggle even more responsibilities at home because of the pandemic.

    Fortunately, it was the same struggle that led Pat and her friends to bring life to Bahay Turo, an on-demand tutoring service platform they developed in 2021. Proudly Filipino, Pat and her colleagues share that their first-hand experience in the fields of education, technology, retail, marketing, and operations gives Bahay Turo it's competitive advantage.

    Filling the need for credible online tutors.

    A lot of parents in the Smart Parenting Village Facebook community, as well as the Smart Parenting Parent Chat forum on the website have been asking for recommendations on reliable tutors for their kids.

    “The experience of searching for online tutors can be bewildering and overwhelming,” relates Pat. For this reason, she wanted a platform that takes the guesswork out by ensuring that teachers are thoroughly screened and highly qualified. This way, parents like her can rest easy knowing that their child is in good hands.


    Pat herself is a BS management information systems graduate at the Ateneo de Manila, and she also finished her MBA at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. She shares that Bahay Turo has equally credible teachers and tutors covering all K-12 Subjects.

    “We carry out a 360-degree assessment that takes into account teacher-peer feedback, parent feedback, and student feedback. As a result, parents can be assured that Bahay Turo teachers teach with empathy, kindness, and genuine concern for a child’s total well-being,’ she shares adding that her own grade school kids have been enrolled in the platform. “Their favorite subjects on the platform are Filipino, Music, and Science. They each do sessions about 2 times a week with different Bahay Turo teachers,” she enthuses.

    Flexible and proudly Pinoy

    Aside from credible Pinoy tutors, Bahay Turo’s biggest come-on is on-demand booking, which is unlike most tutorial services that require parents to subscribe to a series of packaged sessions.  

    “Use it only when you need it. Rather than subscription services which pressure you to consume or direct scheduling which requires you to adjust to a limited schedule, Bahay Turo allows you to book at the day and time of your choosing,” Pat clarifies. A one-on-one session costs P500, and a bundle of five one-on-one sessions is P2,450.

    And because the platform is made by Filipinos for Filipinos, Pat shares that they understand the market better than bigger platforms abroad. “The founders of Bahay Turo have an edge by their first-hand experience of education in the Philippines. We are not a remote foreign entity.”

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    How do parents know that their kids need to be tutored?

    Pat gave some practical tips in understanding whether a child's online learning struggle is normal or is cause for alarm. It all starts with understanding how the child absorbs information, she said: “For example, one  child may learn best through listening, while another may learn best through mimicking.”

    Here, she shares signs that a child is already in need of a tutor:

    “Class is so boring!”

    When you hear or sense this, it means that your child could benefit from enhancement or advanced work. He or she could be well on the way to the top of the class!

    “I have nothing to do.”

    Perk up your child’s interest with tutoring sessions that provide topics outside the school curriculum. The favorites are usually music and coding.  

    “In other cases, tutoring can simply address missed school days due to family events (reunions, weddings, birthdays), medical emergencies (COVID, checkup, dental appointment), and the like,” Pat shares.

    Bahay Turo’s one-on-one tutoring strategy also provides the focus a child doesn’t normally get in a virtual classroom setting. A one-on-one tutor can deliver the session at a customized pace to help the child fully grasp the subject matter.

    ‘Helicoptering’: The most common mistake parents end up doing during their kids' online classes

    In her experience managing Bahay Turo, Pat observes that most parents tend to control or hover too much (helicopter parents). She advises that moms and dads should instead provide the necessary support and slowly let go as the child becomes more capable.


    “Think of it as a scaffold, where each time you let go a little bit more. For example, allow your children to prepare their own things. Be there to remind, but not to do things for them. If they forget something, allow the consequences to unfold (within reason, of course) and create time for reflection afterwards,’’ she points out.

    Red flags: What parents should watch out for when assessing online tutors

    Aside from making sure that both platform and tutor are safe and credible, Pat shares three things that parents should note to know that a student-tutor relationship is no longer working.

    1. Your child isn't excited for tutorials

    2. Your child makes excuses not to have tutorials

    3. Your child is not engaging with the teacher anymore and the teacher can no longer find ways to redirect his attention.

    “I’ve also come to realize that tutoring is a form of self-care,” adds Pat. “When moms or dads need a break, Bahay Turo can step in and provide a safe, tailored, and focused learning platform for the kids.”

    You may book your first Bahay Turo session for free at www.bahayturo.com. Summer courses include coding, chess, guitar, piano, digital art, and Taekwondo. Summer sessions begin on April 2022, limited slots available. 

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