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  • Parents Share What To Pack For Your Little One's First Beach Trip

    Add these items to your packing list (and to cart).
    by Maika Bernardo .
Parents Share What To Pack For Your Little One's First Beach Trip
  • With pandemic restrictions easing, families are making travel plans again—and with these come challenges.

    Mom and member Bhett Dada calls for help in the Smart Parenting Village (SPV): "Help naman, mga ka-SPV. May biglaang swimming sa dagat and I have only five days to prep. I have a 25-month-old little boy and a five-month-old baby girl. Never pa kami nakapag-outdoor since ipinanganak sila. Any suggestions na dapat kong dalhin at paghandaan?"

    The Village has got your back, mom.

    Here's a checklist for your kids' first ever beach trip:

    Clothes and accessories

    Swimwear in colors that won't blend with the environment, so you can easily spot your kids

    Rash guards for both kids and moms: Protect yourself not just from sunburn but also from wardrobe mishaps when dealing with squirmy tots.


    Water shoes to shield those tiny feet from sharp rocks and shells

    Beach sandals, which are more secure than slippers

    Swim nappies (Here are some locally available brands of reusable swim diapers.)

    Swim floaties such as life vests and inflatable armbands

    Skincare supplies

    Enough broad-spectrum, water-resistant sunscreen that's at least SPF 30, so you can reapply it at least every two hours (Check out this list of mom-approved picks.)

    Aloe vera gel to soothe the skin after sun exposure

    Insect repellent, since you'll be outdoors. It can be in the form of lotions or patches. (Moms share the repellents they trust here.)

    Additions to your med kit

    Take the time to talk to your kids' pedia about the meds you'll be packing. The following suggestions are shared for informational purposes only:


    Rehydration drink such as Pedialyte, so you'll be ready to address dehydration

    Paracetamol (Editor's note: Seek the advice of your child's pedia to avoid overdose.)

    Probiotics: One mom in the Village gives her kids GI Pro Tec 1+ before they go swimming to avoid tummy aches if they ingest the water.

    Ointment such as Calmoseptine to soothe rashes and itching

    Vitamins for children such as vitamin C with zinc

    Antihistamine such as cetirizine (Note: This is a generic name.)

    Beachside essentials

    Beach mat or towel, where your kids can sit

    Small tent or beach umbrella to shield them from sunrays

    Blanket to wrap your little ones in when they're taking naps (It's extra protection from the sun.) 

    Beach toys such as sand scoops, pails, water guns, trucks (excavators and dump trucks), and beach balls

    Distilled water and water bottles to prevent dehydration

    Snacks for your little ones because stores are likely not readily accessible

    Plastic bags for wet clothes (and in case of motion sickness on the way to the beach)

    Baby wipes for quick cleanup

    Other items

    Portable tub for bathing babies back in your room

    Waterproof camera or a waterproof case for your phone, so you can capture those precious memories

    Selfie stick or tripod

    • Stroller

    Bonus tips

    Because it's their first time on the beach, ease your little ones into it. Zaire M. Lequigan-Catungal advises: "May possibility kasi na matakot [sila] at 'di na ma-enjoy yung experience. Much better na mag-play muna sa shore, [then] unti-untiin na mag-play sa water."

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    Lastly, always keep an eye on the kids. Take turns watching over them with other adults on the trip, so you, too, can have fun under the sun.

    Got more tips for first beach trips? Share them in the comments section.

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