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Your Baby's Needs, All In One Place - The Smart Parenting Baby Bag Is Here

by Judy Santiago Aladin Dec 11, 2022

Spacious, stylish, and sulit, the Smart Parenting Baby Bag contains only premium and essential items and discount vouchers that we lovingly put together for your peace of mind. 

All Your Baby's Needs In One Smart Parenting Baby Bag

After more than a year of conceptualizing, curating, and collaborating on what a new Filipino family needs in the now normal, it's finally here: the Smart Parenting Baby Bag.

In full force, the editorial team behind the country's largest parenting media brand lovingly worked on this project in time for the 12.12 sale, and our labor of love is this: the most sulit and complete baby bag for a price that most of the parents in the Smart Parenting Village approve.

What to love about the Smart Parenting Baby Bag

It is inclusive

Let's make this clear: The Smart Parenting Baby Bag is not only made for the baby but for the growing family. Why?

First, its design is minimalist, sleek, and stylish so that either mom or dad can carry it confidently. It comes in gray not in pink nor blue, and it has adjustable flaps so that it will grow with you (yes, it rhymes!).


Buy it on Lazada here.

We put a small metal plate with a simple Smart Parenting brand on it to remind you that you don't always have to be the best parent, but you can always learn and work your way to be a smart one. And that we got your back - always and in all ways!

It is sulit

In creating this very special Smart Parenting merchandise, we wanted to know how much is sulit and affordable for you. That's why we asked parents in the Smart Parenting Village, our community of almost 100k moms and dads, how much their maximum budget is when buying mom and baby stuff.

Thus, this limited edition, aesthetic Smart Parenting Baby Bag, siksik and sulit with 21 Smart Parenting-approved products inside, is worth PHP 4,600, but you can have it for only half the price!

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Buy it on Lazada here.

It keeps your stuff safe and secured

Each bag went through a rigorous process of testing and quality assurance - also done by the Smart Parenting editorial team - composed of mothers and doting titas. That's why we are 100 percent sure that this bag is secured and safe for every family to bring, wherever they go.

For your peace of mind, the Smart Parenting Baby Bag has a safety clasp and an anti-theft pocket for your phones, wallets, and other valuables. We designed the bag to be water-resistant, with multi-pocket compartments and two bottle holders inside to avoid spillage. It's also spacious enough to carry most breast pumps!

There are also multiple pockets outside the bag so you can easily access handy items like baby wipes, towels, and sanitizers.

What's inside the Smart Parenting Baby Bag

And that's just the bag. Inside, it's packed with only premium and essential items from our trusted brands and local parentpreneur partners.


'Now normal' must-haves

For weekends at the park or pedia visits, there's a big bottle of OFF! Baby Lotion to keep your baby's skin safe from insect bites.

For all your cleaning needs, we have Kurin Water. Kurin is an all-purpose, super ionized water that is a very effective and versatile cleaning product, made with proven Japanese technology.

In the front pocket, you will find three handy spray bottles: Kurin Quick Bottle Cleaner and Deodorizer, Kurin Pocket Spray, and Kurin Hand Sanitizer. Not only that, you will also get a large bottle of Kurin Baby Stuff Cleaner for all your cleaning needs. 


For your little one, there's an assortment of Tiny Buds products: Tiny Buds Baby Wipes, a Tiny Buds Diaper Changing Spray, as well as these essentials: Tiny Buds Baby Acne or After Bites Cream, Baby Nail Clippers, and Gone Away Stick-Ons.

We're telling you - everything you need is right inside this bag.

Buy it on Lazada here.

Breastfeeding support

The bag also contains tried and tested breastfeeding essentials for moms. You will get two Bloom Microfiber Towels from Baby Company, and a Nana Silicone Pump from Love 2 Nurture to help catch and save liquid gold.


You will also get a box of Vera Blends Breastfeeding Coffee, and a pack of Buds and Bloom Malunggay Capsules to help boost breastmilk supply.

And of course, a Buds and Bloom Nipple Nurse Cream to heal sore nipples. We also threw in a big squeeze bottle of Buds and Bloom Body Lotion for mom's me-time moments!


Buy it on Lazada here.

Locally made products for parents, by parents

The Smart Parenting Baby Bag also contains products thoughtfully made for parents, by parents. When you buy the bag, you will get your very own copy of the Amazon bestselling book, Go Momshie, written by Smart Parenting Mom Squad member and mom of two Victoria Dang.

You will also support the start-up business Agukaka Journals of mompreneur Anna Co-Tan.

Plus, you will get discount vouchers from Dreambee Books for your little reader, and Swathe Manila, for your personalized swaddle and blankets. What is sulit, right?

But wait, there's more! You will also get in the bag a box of any of the following Little Baby Grains by Gnubkins: Cereal, Pasta, Noodles, or Ramen. What a yummy surprise!


Finally, there's a love letter from the Smart Parenting editors to you - because while we were planning, preparing, and packing this special bag, all we had in mind was you - and the core memories that you will create with your family, with this bag in tow.

Buy it on Lazada here.

Where to buy and how much

We only produced limited pieces of this Smart Parenting Baby Bag, and you can get yours for only PHP 2,199 - that's a whopping 52% off!

The Smart Parenting Baby Bag will be on sale exclusively on Lazada starting December 12, 2022, until supplies last!


Buy it on Lazada here.

Indeed, it's the best gift for yourself, for an expecting mom, or for a new dad. Save one for yourself, if you are planning to have another child soon, or get a few for your friends who are starting their parenting journey. The Smart Parenting Baby Bag is the best way to tell another parent that they are not alone.


Let's navigate this parenting journey together, and help raise happy, healthy families!


Produced by Denise Estrella

Art Direction and Styling by Stephanie Ocampo

Photographed by Ronan Capili

Video Producer: Cherrie Julian

Smart Parenting Editorial Team:

Ronna Capili Bonifacio

Judy Santiago Aladin

Jocelyn Valle

Angela Baylon

Romae Zen Arganda

Brand and Business Head: Iza Santos Cuyos

Special thanks to Francinn Hubag and David Estrella

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