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  • Jolina Magdangal’s 'Oppa' Planner Is Every K-Mama’s Christmas Wish Come True

    ‘Tis the season for gifts that will make Korean drama-loving moms say, “Kamsahamnida!”
    by Ginyn Noble .
Jolina Magdangal’s 'Oppa' Planner Is Every K-Mama’s Christmas Wish Come True
  • She spends her free time watching Korean dramas. She stays up at night and wakes up early to do the same. She does it while breastfeeding, cleaning, doing laundry, folding clothes, working, working out, and whatever else she can multitask. She’s a true K-mama (a.k.a. Korean drama-loving mom).

    Does it sound like you or someone you know?

    If you’re still searching for a gift for yourself or for people in your life that love Korean dramas, Jolina Magdangal-Escueta has the perfect suggestion: the Oppa Planner 2022.

    The actress and host shared her delight when she got a package containing a couple of planners plus other merch like mini pillows and photocards (featuring handsome Korean actors like Kim Seon Ho and Jung Hae In). Check out her unboxing video:

    What is the Oppa Planner?

    Available in Flamingo and Periwinkle colors, the Oppa Planner is definitely a K-mama’s Christmas wish come true. Imagine flipping through pages with dashing Korean actors and adding a daily dose of K-kilig into your life.


    There are two actors featured every month – that’s a total of 24 K-drama “oppas” to inspire your plans. Plus, there are a couple of sticker sheets and postcards and one random photocard for your merch collection. It also comes in a premium box packaging, which makes it totally gift-worthy!

    Are planners still worth it?

    The year 2020 made planning an obsolete hobby for many. But as we’re slowly regaining our old normals or adapting to new ones, planners have become handy again. If you need some convincing, here’s a list of ways to use your Oppa Planner:

    1. Tracking and ticking off your K-drama list

    Some people might not believe it, but there are many fans who really take K-drama viewing seriously. A lot of us have “pending” series on our list that we really want to tick off some day.

    Get organized by planning which ones, how many episodes you want to watch every week, and when you’ll take breaks as needed. Keep track of the release dates and schedules of the exciting new dramas coming out in 2022, too!

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    2. Marking comebacks and doing countdowns

    Some actors are in the mandatory military service (or might enlist soon). This means they won’t have Korean dramas or movies you can tune into.

    When they do get discharged, expect them to hustle and shoot projects that can make up for the time they were inactive. Those are fun days to anticipate or count down to!

    3. Auditing your expenses and savings

    Want to keep track of Netflix, Viu, and iQiyi subscription fees and due dates? Thinking of upgrading from Deerma to Dyson next year?

    Use your Oppa Planner to map your financial goals and stay motivated throughout the year. Nothing like Gong Yoo’s breathtaking looks to slap you with the reality that you need to focus and not give into so many indulgences.

    4. The traditional way: Actually making plans

    This is especially applicable for working moms who need to keep track of office events, deadlines, and whatever else. It’s also a great tool for travel plans and checklists.


    When will you secure passports and visas if needed? When will you get RT-PCR tests and the COVID vaccine certificates? Traveling has become complicated lately, and having a planner will really be helpful.

    And if your child will still be distance learning or homeschooling, a planner will be handy in making sure you accomplish all the assignments and lessons on time

    What else can you buy for a K-drama fan?

    Another option if you’re not into the whole fixed-year planner thing is the undated journal. Pour your feels and jot down your daily reminders or lists in the handy aquamarine notebook. It has practically all the features of the Oppa Planner, minus the dates. As an add-on to your gift (or your personal haul), grab a desk calendar, too! 


    The Oppa Planner will definitely spark joy in any K-mama. Grab one or more now and wait for all the “Kamsahamnida” (thank yous) you’ll be getting!

    Available in Lazada, Shopee, and The Oppa Planner’s official social media channels

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