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Melai Has An Advice For Those Who Want To Start A Biz: 'I-Mindset Mo Na Negosyo Ito, Hindi Pambili Ng Luho Mo'
  • Whether you have an established business or you are an aspiring business owner, there's always room for learning and innovation. 

    Celebrity host and mom of two Melai Cantiveros-Francisco recently shared some "nuggets" on how she become motivated to make vlogging another way for her to earn.

    "Dapat hands-on ka. Alam mo kung anong nangyayari, saan lumabas ang pera at saan pumasok."

    "Ipagdadasal mo kay Lord kung anong gusto mong negosyo. I-mindset mo sa sarili mo kung gusto mo ba talaga itong negosyo na itatayo mo at i-mindset mo na negosyo ito. Hindi ito kukunin mo lang savings para ibili ng mga luho mo," Melai shared during the Go Negosyo's Women Summit last March 18, 

    She added, "Dapat hands-on ka. Alam mo kung anong nangyayari, saan lumabas ang pera at saan pumasok. Dapat talaga alam mo kung ano yung goal mo. Know what is your goal. Di-diretso na yang negosyo mo. Magpo-progress na yan kasi alam mo sa sarili mo yung pinasok mo."

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    As a vlogger who gets profit from doing so, she also shared a tip to be true to yourself, then think of the profit next. Doing business has to be enjoyable for you.

    For mothers in particular, it's easier to empathize and understand your clients and customers because of our women's instincts, said Jenny Wieneke, owner of Tokyo Tempura.

    These inspiring motivational tips from entrepreneurs inspired women to see their entrepreneurial potential. As women, we are more empathetic, creative, and purposive. These characteristics could bring out your entrepreneurial spirit as well.


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    Why invest in gadgets for your business

    Aside from having the right mindset, women can also benefit from investing in helpful gadgets that will boost their productivity. Here are some reasons why you should invest in devices as a business owner:

    1. Increased efficiency

    Gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices can increase the efficiency of your business operations. Devices will allow you to reach your clients, search for the best products, and utilize social media tools to market your business.

    2. Competitive advantage

    With access to the latest technology, you can stay ahead of the curve and provide your clients with the best possible service.

    3. Improved communication

    Gadgets such as video conferencing tools and messaging apps can enhance communication between you and your team. These tools allow you to communicate quickly and easily, no matter where you are.

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    7 Gadgets and devices that mompreneurs swear by

    When investing in gadgets, check for recommended items with a good number of reviews by fellow users. Here are some gadgets that help small business owners, according to moms at the Smart Parenting community. What's good, you can buy all of these online!

    1. Niimbot B21 Label Printer Maker 20-50 MM (Php 1,600.00)

    watch now

    You can use this printer for labels, clothing tags, file labels, price tags, and many more. It is compatible with IOS, Android smartphones, iPad, and PC. This sticker maker machine customizes all types of branding needs!

    Buy it on Shopee here.

    2. Cricut Explore Air 2 Smart Cutting Machine for Crafting and Artwork (P12,825)


    Dreaming of opening a personalization business? It is one of the most popular kinds of businesses that have greater returns. You only need to invest in one tool and you’ll earn with every creative product that you make.

    This Cricut cutting machine can produce T-shirt prints, home decor, and invitations. More than 100 different materials, including paper, vinyl, cardboard, various types of leather, and fabric with a stabilizer backing, may be cut using it. 

    Buy it on Shopee here

     3. Wireless Live Stream Phone Stand Holder with Light (Php 999.00)


    Video marketing is the new trend for business owners. That’s why this gadget will be helpful for mompreneurs who need good video content.

    Mommy Alyne Guinto-Pormentilla, owner of Laser Crafts PH, recommends this product, “Super useful in shooting behind-the-scenes videos of my crafts business."

    She adds, "While using my two hands to work, this gadget holds the phone to shoot the video. With the adjustable height, I can position it closely to show the details or high enough to show the whole item I am working on. I was able to shoot plenty of reels because of this tool!”

    Buy it on Shopee here

     4. Baseus Wireless Earphones (starts at P799.00)


    Mom of two Rita Torrejon, a branding specialist who helps business moms to simplify their branding and marketing so they can attract their ideal customers, finds this Bluetooth headset helpful.

    She says, "It's convenient for meetings and listening to audiobooks while doing chores. It also helps minimize noise from the home. It is so much cheaper than AirPods but it’s sturdy.” 

    Buy it on Shopee here.

     5. Waybill Printer (Php 2,955.00)


    Mommy Enia Ara Tayaban Bata, a small business owner of a restaurant and an online store, recommends this thermal printer for online sellers. This type is of premium quality, which can accommodate bulk printing. Its features are composed of a label entrance which you can use as an external paper holder for big paper rolls. It also has an external paper entrance for you to use a bigger paper roll or stack.

    Buy it on Shopee here.

    6. 12-inch LED Ring Light (Php 949.00)


    Whether you are going to use it for live selling, vlogging, or photography, this LED Ring Light is another recommended product for every entrepreneur.

    Buy it on Lazada here.

    7. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Cellphone (Php 11,959.00)


    If you are looking for a budget-friendly gadget with a Quad Camera and storage of up to 256 GB, you’ll never go wrong with Xiaomi Redmi Note 10. The quality of its display, level of performance, and flexibility of its camera system will help every entrepreneur in their photo or video content, file management, and communication. For only P11,959, this will be one of your greatest investments.

    Buy it on Shopee here.

    If you don't know where to start, Angelica Tham, owner and founder of Angkas, shared this important tip: "Find a problem that you are passionate about." 

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