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  • Smart Parenting Awards 2021: 12 Home Essentials That Make A Parent's Life Easier

    Looking for small or big home upgrades? Here’s what real moms and dads suggest.
    by Ginyn Noble .
Smart Parenting Awards 2021: 12 Home Essentials That Make A Parent's Life Easier
PHOTO BY Shutterstock ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo
  • On a scale of one to “bored toddler,” how tired of staying at home are you? If you're like most Filipinos, you must have already tried dozens of new hobbies, including home renovations and DIY projects. Or maybe working at home and your child's distance learning has been keeping you busy!

    Either way, you must have been eyeing different gadgets and appliances to make your time at home more comfortable. But how can you select the right gear without having to go out? One good way is to hunt down authentic ratings made by moms and dads like you.

    Last September 2021, we asked our readers to choose the best products for moms, babies, and Filipino homes via a survey. We also asked about the celebrity parents and family they follow and love the most.

    The survey's result has now been turned into our first-ever Smart Parenting Awards.

    With insights from Smart Parenting editors and reviews from the Smart Parenting Mom and Dad Squad members, we broke down the survey results and ranked the contenders according to features, user reviews, and value-for-money.

    What you have is a list of products moms and dads love.

    Best gadgets and appliances for the home

    Any additional touch to your space at home can make a big impact on your and your family's overall well-being. These products will make everyday life easier, more comfortable, and more fun! 

    Whether you have a large house or a compact condo, you need to be smart about the big-ticket items you'll be buying. Check out this list of home appliances, gadgets, and cleaning agents that Filipino parents recommend.


    Best refrigerator: LG Smart Inverter Two Door Refrigerator (Php18,995)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of LG Philippines ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo

    This two-door, 7.2cuft no-frost fridge fits most average-sized homes, and organizing your grocery haul will become even more therapeautic when you have additional space to play with. The smart inverter compressor and LED lighting lets you save on electricity costs and it has a two-year parts and service warranty plus a 10-year compressor motor warranty.

    Like with the other big-ticket purchases on this list, try to find stores that offer installment options and free or affordable shipping fees.

    Available at Lazada

    Best automatic washing machine: LG 19kg TurboWash 3D Top Load Washing Machine with Smart Wi-Fi (Php55,995)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of LG Philippines ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo
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    The coolest feature that impressed parents is the WiFi function, which allows you to easily access and track its power consumption. Apart from that, moms swear an automatic washing machine can bring the joy back in doing laundry!

    If you have the budget, parents recommend this washing machine as it is more efficient when it comes to water and electricity consumption. It not only takes away the manual labor but also improves washing and rinsing. There's also a setting to automatically clean the drum of your machine.

    Available at Abenson

    Best aircon brand split-type inverter: LG Dual Inverter 1.0HP Split Type Air Conditioner (Php36,995)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of LG Philippines

    If you'd like to centralize your air conditioning at home, it's best to find a versatile, split type model that is better suited to cooling large areas. It may cost more at first, but the energy efficiency can help you save on expenses in the long run.


    This recommended brand comes with a low-noise dual inverter compressor and a 10-year warranty. It also has a 3M micro dust filter, anti bacteria filter, and auto clean function, all helpful in maintaining good air quality at home.

    Available at Lazada

    Best aircon brand window-type non-inverter: Carrier Optima Window Type (Php12,400)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Carrier ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo

    Thanks to more budget-friendly selections, most homes can now afford a window type aircon. Parents recommend this appliance because it has the lowest wattage among non-inverter window type ACs. You can have up to 40% savings with its special plug, too.

    Available at Shopee

    Best Smart TV: Samsung Smart 43-inch full HD Smart TV (Php25,999)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Samsung Philippines ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo

    For many parents, a reliable TV with crisp resolution has become a worthy investment especially during the pandemic. For moms, especially, watching their favorite series or K-dramas has become their form of self-care!

    Enhance the experience with Full HD picture quality, vivid images, and clear sounds, which parents love about this smart TV. You can also plug in a thumb drive to watch videos or view pictures on your device.

    As a bonus for K-drama mamas, you can also get a free 12-month Viu subscription if you buy on Abenson until the end of the year. Aja!

    Available at Abenson

    Best microwave oven: Panasonic 25L Microwave Oven (Php8,575)


    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Panasonic ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo

    A microwave oven can be one of the most used appliances at home for busy moms and dads trying to juggle work, household chores, and childcare. This reader favorite features nine auto-cooking menus and a quick 30 function. The four-digit LCD display panel lets you easily key in your settings.


    Available at Abenson

    Best countertop oven: La Germania Table Oven (Php12,450)


    PHOTO BY Courtesy of La Germania ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo

    Whether you like baking for fun or you've turned it into a busines, you need an oven that can meet your demands. While this reader favorite has a compact design — which means it can easily fit in your small kitchen — it has a tough body that's built to last.

    Aside from making yummy cookies and cake, you can also use it for roasting chicken, grilling veggies, and cooking other meats.

    Available at Shopee

    Best airfryer: Philips Viva Collection Oil Free Air Storm Air Fryer (P15,999)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Philips

    This became a top budol buy last year, but for many households, it's indispensable. The biggest draw is how easy it is to operate and that it requires little to no oil for fried recipes.

    The compact size makes it suitable for any home. Users of this brand say it's the best because of its high-power performance for fast and healthy cooking results. It's also easier to clean and creates less smell compared to other fryers. 

    Available at Lazada

    Best laptop for distance learning under Php30k: Acer Aspire 5 (Php29,999)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Acer ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo

    Are you looking for an upgrade? You'll need a dependable laptop that will meet the minimum requirements for your child's distance learning.

    Readers love that this 15.6-inch device is lightweight. For an entry-level laptop, you get a satisfyingly smooth and fast performance thanks to its Core i3 processor, a high-quality display, and battery life that lasts up to eight hours. 


    Available at Acer

    Best laptop for distance learning underPhp50k: Lenovo L340-15 81LK00W5PH (Php42,995)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Lenovo Philippines ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo

    The higher the specs, the faster the performance will be. You won’t need to worry about lags, getting disconnected, or apps crashing. This is also game-ready — for the parents who want to borrow it from their kids, that is!

    Available at Silicon Valley 

    Best laptop for distance learning over Php50k: Asus Zephyrus M (Php109,995)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Asus ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo

    If you have the budget for it, why not invest in a heavy-duty laptop? This will ensure a smooth learning experience for your child, or a working experience for you.

    This reader favorite runs on Intel Core i7 with a 16GB memory and a 512GB solid state drive, so you can run apps with ease. You can even run multiple, heavy on the memory programs without any hiccups!

    Best multi-purpose cleaner and disinfectant: Domex Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Surface Disinfectant (Php334)

    PHOTO BY Courtesy of Shopee ILLUSTRATOR Ma. Stephanie Ocampo

    While you can buy all these gadgets and appliances, you shouldn't forget to keep a clean home. No grocery shopping list will be complete without this essential, especially as they're used to disinfect packages and surfaces.

    This multi-purpose and all-around cleaner lets you remove dirt, stains, and even bacteria. It also destroys coronavirus in 60 seconds, according to the brand’s research. 


    Available at Shopee 

    Have you tried any of these products? Share your own reviews in the comments section!

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