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  • 14 Beauty Habits You Should Have in Your 30s

    Keep calm and stay gorgeous!
  • 14 Beauty Habits You Should Have in Your 30sPhoto from Pixabay

    Being in your 20s is the time when you experiment with beauty trends, but now that you're entering a new decade, it's time to elevate your beauty game. The 30s is the period when you can afford to pamper yourself with luxurious beauty finds like an expensive bottle of designer perfume, a rich creamy lipstick, or a haircut from a well-trained hairstylist. This is also when you get to expand your skin care regimen with amazing serums and moisturizers. It's certainly a fun time for beauty junkies! Read on to see the best practices that you sould keep at heart to stay glowing and gorgeous in your 30s.

    1. Wear sunscreen.
    All your anti-aging efforts will go down the drain if you neglect to shield yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. Pick one that has at least SPF30 PA++ to keep you from wilting and to prevent skin cancer.

    2. Moisturize everything.
    Your face and neck need firming and plumping products, so you can age gracefully. Your body will thank you when you regularly slather on lotion after every shower. Also, load up on hyrdating shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums because your hair ages, too!

    3. Use an eye cream.
    The thin under-eye area needs extra help to prevent wrinkles and dark bags, so a nightly habit of tapping a potent eye cream will be of great service.

    4. Get a regular facial.
    While your at-home scrubs and masks can give you deep cleaning, nothing beats the professional hands of an esthetician to purge gunk from your pores. Plus, the attending dermatologist can really get to the root of your skin care concern. She can give sensible advice on what skin care routine you should embrace. That being said...

    5. Find a good dermatologist.
    Besides your regular facials, your skin needs medical, scientifically backed-up attention to preserve its youth and resilience. Schedule a derma visit at least once a month to have your skin undergo necessary treatment.

    6. Upgrade your makeup routine.
    Enough of the sparkly lip glosses and glitter eye shadows—if you want to be taken seriously, you have to switch to age-appropriate makeup like a classic red or a dusty rose lipstick and satin eyeshadows.

    7. Switch to sophisticated scent.
    Although those strawberry and raspberry body sprays turned heads when you were younger, a sophisticated fragrance with mixed notes of fruits, florals, and musks is more suitable for your age.

    8. Discover your signature 'do.
    A well-kept flattering hairstyle completes your total look—it's the first thing people see! Don't just pick one that you saw on a particular celebrity. Take note of your face shape, hair texture, and lifestyle. But don't worry about it too much because you have a trustworthy hairstylist you can rely on, which leads us to the next tip...

    9. Get a hairstylist soulmate.
    He is the one who gets your hair and your lifestyle—like a boyfriend who gives you perfect hair that you never want to let go.

    10. Have an active lifestyle.
    We know you're busy girls, but set aside at least 15 minutes worth of exercise daily not only to keep the excess pounds away but to flush out toxins and keep your health in tip-top shape.

    11. Learn to relax.
    Yes, we told you to keep on moving, but you should alse keep things balanced by freeing your mind of negative things that will only exacerbate your stress levels. Pick your own battles because those things can show up on your face! Whenever you feel like bursting, count slowly up to 10 until you feel more calm.

    12. Drink more water.
    Whatever your body takes in will show up on your face. If you're all about sugary or alcoholic drinks, you'll have a puffy face and dull complexion. Guzzle water instead to have brighter, smoother skin.

    13. Ditch bad habits.
    Whether it's smoking or not washing your face, you should know better now and get rid of these nasty habits.

    14. Embrace it!
    Aging happens, so just wing it. Besides, you've got everything you need: the best-performing anti-aging products, beauty tricks to make you look younger, an amazing dermatologist, a talented hairstylist, and tons of confidence!

    This story originally appeared on Femalenetwork.com.

    * Minor edits have been made by the Smartparenting.com.ph editors.

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