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  • 6 Beauty Products You Can Probably Live Without

    Too many jars, bottles, and tubes cluttering your bathroom? Time for a beauty edit!
    by Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro .
6 Beauty Products You Can Probably Live Without
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  • We live in a world of excess -- a world that tells us that we need so much more than we actually do. In fact, our easy access to so much information is both a boon and bane. We’ve come to believe that we can do an “instant fix” with various creams, lotions, serums, and beauty products.

    While some beauty remedies work beautifully, you most definitely don’t need them all. In fact, in many instances less is more. Keep your beauty routine simple and effective by ditching superfluous products that you really don’t need.

    Did your jaw just drop there? For years, the skin care routine was always marketed as the three-step cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. However, over the years facial cleansers have vastly improved, and formulations for most no longer leave a greasy film, which often required the toner. So, yes, skip the toner and make your skin care routine that much faster!

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    Lip plumpers 
    There are several lip products on the market that promise a fuller pucker. While that sounds great, these products are a quick fix that won’t get us anywhere near Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner’s enviable pout. While the tingling sensation of these lip-glosses is nice, you can feign a plumper pout using lip pencils and lipsticks, too.

    Neck cream 
    While you want to keep the skin on your neck as youthful as the skin on your face, you don’t need a separate cream to do it. Dermatologists agree that the moisturizer you use on your face can be slathered on your neck as well. One product, more uses -- just how we like our beauty arsenal.

    Split end savers 
    Split ends can’t usually be saved by anything other than a trim from your hairstylist. For those who want to grow their hair, invest in hair strengthening products instead. If you use a hair mask or oil, you are already doing your part in split end prevention; there is no need to invest in additional products to save your frayed tresses. 

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    Foot mask  
    While a foot mask gives you a good reason to kick your feet up and relax, it doesn’t really do anything that your regular moisturizer or lotion already provides. You can use the moisturizer you already have to smooth out rough spots on your feet.

    Cellulite  creams 
    Cellulite cream claims to make “dimples” disappear. The reality is it doesn’t really deliver on its promise for tighter and tauter skin. It does provide smoother and suppler appearance in the short-term the effects aren’t long lasting and will not get rid of the cellulite. Truthfully, you are better off concentrating your cellulite battling efforts on eating the right food, increasing your water intake, and adding interval training and weights into your daily regimen -- the results of these steps will last much longer.

    Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro was a regular beauty writer for national broadsheets until she became a magazine beauty editor for nine years. She is a graduate of the De La Salle International Artistic Makeup Course and has worked as a freelance makeup artist and skin care lecturer. 

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