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  • Fake It Like You Know It: 7 Makeup Hacks for the Clueless Mom

    Perfect your brows and create a statement for this festive season.
    by Kitty Elicay .
Fake It Like You Know It: 7 Makeup Hacks for the Clueless Mom
  • This season is extra busy for moms, what with all the holiday décor to put up, Christmas shopping to accomplish, family reunions to plan and parties to attend. With everything you need to do, how do you sneak in a little makeup sesh for yourself (because you don't want to spend extra for a professional makeover), so you still look extra special and sparkly amidst the festivities?

    Make Up For Ever invited SmartParenting.com.ph to an exclusive pro master class with the brand’s International makeup artist, Maritsa Avedikyan, and she shared these super-easy makeup tips so you can be holiday-ready in a snap.

    1. #KilayisLife but don’t waste time making your eyebrows look like twins.

    No one has a perfectly symmetrical face, so don’t aim to make your eyebrows look like twins, because they will never be. You want balanced brows—but don’t try too hard, because it will end up looking fake. Do this: Blend your eyebrow product from the lower line into the hair for a more natural look. Follow the way hair grows and don’t work the upper line. Instead, use a spoolie to brush upwards and blend.

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    2. Fake microbladed brows with a thin eyebrow pencil.
    Instead of powder, fill in your brow hair with a thin pencil or gel liner—you’ll get a more defined line without looking too sharp!

    3. Quickie festive eyeshadow

    Want the extra sparkle without the extra time? Use eyeshadow with shimmer—they reflect light and instantly brighten up your whole look! Feeling bold? Layer glitter with your eyeshadow for a glammed-up face. Do this: Apply lip gloss over your shadow (choose a nude hue that matches your skin) before dabbing glitter on the eyelid so the pigments stay in place.

    4. Reach for red.
    Not a fan of glitter? Try red instead. The color may be intimidating, but Maritsa swears by a timeless shade—Brick—which can blend with any color. Maws Diaz, Make Up For Ever’s Training Executive, suggests you choose a red-brown eyeshadow shade as your base and blend it with a neutral pinkish-brown hue. It’s commanding but pretty, and will suit all skin tones!

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    5. Use just two brushes to put on your makeup.
    Maritsa likes to use one brush to put on foundation, highlight, contour, and blush, and then another to blend the products together. The reason? The whole look will blend more seamlessly. It also helps cut down makeup time! Use a medium-sized flat and rounded brush to put on the products, and a supple, rounded brush to blend.

    6. Make your holiday look soft, not strong.


    Maximize your makeup by using just your wrists when dabbing it on. Moving your whole arm means more strength, which also means more product on your face. You want to look put-together, not overdone!  

    7. Use your little finger.
    Eye makeup can be tricky, especially when applying eyeliner, which needs precision. To avoid mess-ups, rest your elbow on a table and press your little finger on your cheekbone—it provides balance while you’re putting on makeup.

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