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  • A Mom Tries Venus Freeze, Reportedly Hollywood Celebs' Favorite Beauty Treatment

    Venus Freeze is a painless procedure and is usually done in 30 minutes.
    by Rene Rose Rodrigo .
A Mom Tries Venus Freeze, Reportedly Hollywood Celebs' Favorite Beauty Treatment
PHOTO BY courtesy of Rene Rose Rodrigo
  • A few months ago, I went scouring the internet to find a dermatologist in Manila that provided the reportedly supermodel favorite anti-aging “Venus Freeze” treatment. It is used to treat cellulite and fat, and the model and actress Cara Delevingne swears by it. Venus Freeze can be used on all parts of the body to naturally encourage collagen production of the skin, which in turn also helps to tone and tighten.

    I was ecstatic to discover that the treatment was available at Skinhouse Laser Manila, a dermatology clinic. I made an appointment for the next day, and after dropping my son off at school headed down the street to its BGC Branch.

    One thing that gives me anxiety at most dermatology clinics is the lack of transparency. At Skinhouse Laser Manila, I was delighted to see its full menu and descriptions of each service laid out right at the front desk. I only came in for the Venus Freeze, but I could not help note the other services from microblading and keratin eyelash treatments to whitening lasers and hair removals.

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    The staff was kind, friendly, and open about sharing their knowledge and experiences with the services you choose. I could not resist getting a session of hair removal, something I have been wanting to do since I gave birth to my first child! So I did it first before the Venus Freeze.

    The machine Skinhouse Laser uses for hair removal is not an IPL (intense pulse light) machine, but the GentleMax Laser machine. The IPL machine emits a broad spectrum of wavelengths, while the latter actually uses laser, and is a far better choice. Using a GentleMax Laser for hair removal ensures that even the coarsest of hair is removed without damaging the skin. The machine can also be adjusted to suit specific skin tones and hair color, and lasers are safe for all skin types. (IPL can cause burns on darker skin colors.)


    The hair removal treatment only lasted about 30 seconds on each armpit, and the pain was bearable, to be honest. I didn’t even have the numbing cream that they offered before the procedure.

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    Contrary to its name, Venus Freeze is actually a non-invasive machine. It produces heat through a diamond polar handpiece, which is used to massage your skin over and over again.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rene Rose Rodrigo

    Now to the next procedure I actually wanted to do in the first place: the Venus Freeze! I chose to have the Venus Freeze done on my face to give it a subtle lift and a well-rested look after caring for a toddler and a newborn all day! The procedure lasted 30 minutes, and it was the most relaxing experience that I even dozed off a few times. It was a completely comfortable and painless procedure. There was no need for goggles or any eyewear, so you can still check on your phone or read a book.

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    You do not see the results immediately with the Venus Freeze. It will take a few days for new collagen to produce, and that is when you’ll see the best results.

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    The left photo was taken after a few days of the treatment as the collagen starts to produce naturally.
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Rene Rose Rodrigo


    Since going for my first treatment back in July, I’ve had three more since, and each time I see better results than the last. My face is slimmer, toned, skin complexion is even, and I also don’t have my monthly skin flare-ups! Hello, jawline, and bye-bye acne and redness! 

    The Venus freeze is perfect for anyone who’s been itching to try the more extreme Ulthera treatment -- without breaking the bank. A session will cost you around Php4,000. (Skinhouse does offer discounts for those who avail of the six-session package.)


    I’ve been paying for my sessions entirely out of my pocket, and is it worth it? YES! I always look forward to my schedule with them every month! As a mom, I get my self-care and quiet time and feel beautiful!

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