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  • Body Wash Reminds you to Take a Breast Self Exam Regularly

    Statistics show that 100% of those who detected breast cancer at Stage I survived.
  • MammoMe Natural Body WashAll women are at risk for breast cancer. Among Filipinas, 1 in 13 will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. But, as has been often said, early detection is key and it can save lives. According to the American Cancer Society, 100% of those who detected breast cancer when it was still at Stage I survived the disease. At Stage II, 93% of women still survived the cancer.**

    An effective way to catch breast cancer at an early stage is through a regular breast self exam (BSE). Now, with Human Nature’s MammoMe Natural Body Wash, it is easier to carry out your monthly self-check.

    MammoMe is the first of its kind here in the Philippines as it serves as a reminder for you to do your breast self-exam in the most ideal place, the shower. It’s a body wash that truly cares for Filipinas – mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, and also serves as their ally in the fight against breast cancer.

    This natural body wash which is 100% free from harmful chemicals cares for your skin as it moisturizes and soothes with natural glycerin and aloe vera; cares for fellow Filipinas as a portion of the proceeds will go to the Philippine Foundation for Breast Care, Inc. (Kasuso Foundation) which helps provide treatment for indigent women with breast cancer; and cares for your health as it provides you with a step-by-step reminder to do your breast self-exam while you bathe.
    With just 3 simple steps, Look, Lift, Feel, you can fight (and win) the battle against breast cancer.
    Look – Examine your breasts in the mirror for any irregularities in appearance.
    Lift – Raise one arm above your head and cup your breast with the other.
    Feel – Gently probe your breast by moving your fingers in gentle but firm circular motions from the outer edge of the breast inwards. Repeat with the other breast.

    To further lower your risk of breast cancer, eat a healthy diet, avoid alcohol and smoking, get yourself on a good fitness program, breastfeed your baby if you’re a new mom, schedule a clinical breast exam every 3 years (a yearly mammogram for women over the age of 35), perform a monthly breast self-exam and avoid products that contain parabens and phthalates, as 99% of breast cancer tissue samples contain them.

    Help prevent breast cancer through early detection! Be familiar with how your breasts look and feel. If you notice any lumps, changes, or irregularities, see your doctor right away.

    Human Nature’s MammoMe Natural Body Wash is available from Human Nature Branches, Dealers and at www.humanheartnature.com/buy for only Php159.75 (200 mL bottle).


    *Source: http://www.breastcancerfund.org/clear-science/radiation-chemicals-and-breast-cancer/

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