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  • Feeling Unpretty Today, Mom? This Video of Scarlet Snow is Just What You Need

    Scarlet Snow's message for her mom Vicki Belo is short and sweet—and powerful.
Feeling Unpretty Today, Mom? This Video of Scarlet Snow is Just What You Need
  • Ever have one of those days when you just feel so insecure about your looks? It's true what they say—your body hasn't been the same since you gave birth. When you look in the mirror, you see dark bags under your eyes and a few extra lines on your forehead. When you put on a swimsuit, your breasts aren’t as perky as they used to be and there are bulges on your hips and tummy. It's totally normal to feel this way. But take heart, Mama! Here are a few quick tips to boost your mood and help you feel prettier.


    Watch this video of Scarlet Snow and her mom.

    The way Scarlet looks at her mom Vicki so adoringly is golden. Plus, Scarlet's sweet smile, the way she kisses and hugs her mom, and her message at the end will surely bring a smile to your own face, too!


    Apply sunblock and a bit of lip and cheek tint before heading out.

    The morning rush can be chaotic. You're so busy making sure the kids are ready for school that you have barely enough time left to get dressed. Forget about makeup, right? Wrong! You don't need an hour to get fully made up. Just apply sunscreen on your face to guard against premature skin aging and swipe some tint on your cheeks and lips (it takes just 10 seconds!) so you can sport a natural-looking glow all day.


    Keep calm and meditate.

    The world around you is full of noise—the kids' incessant chatter, the talkies on TV and the radio, the bombardment of posts on social media. Sometimes, you just need to be still and quiet. With the help of certain apps, you can take as little as five minutes to get in touch with your thoughts and feelings, making you feel physically and emotionally at peace.


    Give yourself a daily affirmation.

    When you look in the mirror, instead of zooming in on your flaws, tell yourself something good instead. Statements like "You’re beautiful," or "Your life is amazing," can help you focus on the positive.


    Cleanse, tone, and moisturize.

    Forget the whole nine-step Korean skincare routine. But don’t abandon these three basic steps either. They are essential to keeping your skin clean and healthy. But for those days when you just want to collapse on your bed, use Belo Baby Wipes. These ultra-gentle, silky soft wipes are enriched with chamomile extract, aloe vera, and vitamin E to gently clean your baby's skin—and your own, too!


    If all else fails, just remember the people who think you're beautiful no matter what: your own kids. They don't care that your hair is a mess or that your belly is not flat. To them, you are the prettiest woman in the world. As Scarlet Snow says, "You'll always be beautiful to me, Mommy." Don't ever forget that.


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