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  • Look 10 Years Younger! Advice from Dermas and Makeup Artists

    Learn what dermatologists and professional makeup artists do to keep their skin looking youthful.
    by Michelle Katigbak-Alejandro .
Look 10 Years Younger! Advice from Dermas and Makeup Artists
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  • Investing in good skincare is the absolute best things we can do for ourselves. As they say, no amount of makeup can hide bad skin. And while our skin rebounds quickly in our teens and early 20s, it starts to change once the kids come and we hit the 3-0. Starting a healthy skincare regimen as soon as possible will help keep skin damage at bay. 

    So how do you take the best possible care of your skin? We asked the experts! 

    Myrene Santos
    Professional makeup artist

    Her skincare routine
    I try to keep my routine simple since I have very little time, especially at night when I spend most of my time with my baby. I wear makeup daily so I make sure to remove it with Banila Co. Clean it Zero. It’s water based and perfect for my oily skin. For waterproof mascara and matte liquid lipstick, I use MAC Pro Eye Makeup Remover. Then I use MAC Lightful C Vibrancy Eye Cream and Nuxe Detox Night Serum. For the day, most of my makeup has SPF already so it’s one step application. Mac Prep+Prime Face Protection with has SPF 50++ or for summer I use Pro Long Wear Compact with SPF 20. It’s matte and stays on all day. 


    Her skincare advice 
    For busy moms especially those with babies, I recommend products that are dual purpose like the products I mentioned above. I also like the Mac BB Cream Compact since it treats while enhancing your skin.

    For days when I don’t feel like wearing makeup, I recommend MAC’s Skin Refine Zone Treatment. You won't look oily because it mattifies the skin and treats it while lessening the oil production the longer you use it. 

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    Dr. Cecilia Faustino
    MD Aesthetique

    Her skincare routine
    In the mornings, it's cleanser, toner, serum correctors (retinoic, peptides, growth factors) and SPF 40 moisturizer like Glo SPF40, which is a noncomedogenic lightweight sunscreen with broad spectrum protection. It's good for everyday wear before applying makeup. Two to three pumps of this product is a must every day to cover the whole face and ears. I add an oil-free hydrator in the evenings. 

    Her skincare advice
    If you have oily skin, try Glo Purifying gel cleanser with salicylic acid that deeply cleanses pores. It's perfect for our hot, humid and more environment. 

    If you perspire a lot or prone to acne flares on their back, try bath soaps with triclosan like Shield Bath soap. It thoroughly cleanses and remove bacteria and dirt and has moisturizers as well so as not to irritate the skin.

    If you have sensitive skin or eczema-prone, try Cetaphil Restoraderm face and body wash, which helps cleanse, soothe, retain and increase moisture in the skin. The Cetaphil Restoraderm Lotion helps keep allergic flares at bay. It is very good at keeping the kids’ skin smooth and less prone to irritation as it helps build up the moisture barrier of the skin, as proven in studies. Apply it as often as five to seven times a day. 

    If you want the ultimate anti-aging product, try Glo Retinol CS, which helps refine pores, fine lines, and texture irregularities on the skin. It keeps your skin bright while it repairs every time it is applied at night.

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    Al De Leon 
    Professional Makeup Artist and Cosmetic Trainer 

    Her skincare routine
    I keep it simple and natural as possible, but of course, it depends on my skin’s condition. When my skin is sensitive, I use dermatologist recommended Seba Med cleansing oil. Other times I alternate it with Avalon Organics Vitamin C and Lavender Facial Gel. My routine is simple. In the morning, I wash my face and apply sunblock. In the evening I remove all my makeup, wash my face, apply eye cream and serum if needed or moisturizer. Once a week I do exfoliation and deep cleansing facial mask. 

    Her skincare advice
    If I have to remove makeup, I use Celeteque Hydration Facial Wash or the products mentioned above. I also really like La Roche Posay Sunblock 50+. 

    For facial serums, I recommend Avalon Organics Vitamin C Serum or Nu Skin ageLOC. For moisturizer, I like the Nature Republic Shea Butter Steam Cream.

    For exfoliators, I use MAC Cosmetics Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator or Nu Skin Extra Gentle Exfoliant Scrub.

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    Dr. Kaycee Reyes
    Skin Specialist and Dermatologist, Luminisce 

    Her skincare routine
    I wash my face with Luminisce’s organic charcoal salicylic acid liquid wash. Then I apply 20% vitamin C serum with the Asthaxanthin serum to my face. After three to five minutes, I apply Luminisce Organic Mulberries brightening moisturizer with peptides. After another three to five minutes, I apply a broad spectrum sunblock with at least 30 SPF. I then spray Luminisce Organic Cucumber and Mulberry Facial Mist. And then after another five minutes (for absorption), I apply Organic Radiance Booster with Hyaluronic Acid and Pearl Pigments. 

    Her skincare advice
    I highly recommend products containing Alpha and Beta hydroxyl acids (AHA and BHA). It allows exfoliation of dead skin cells and hydration of the skin. 

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