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  • This Beauty Pill Called Lactezin Might Be The Secret To Flawless Skin

    Because expensive skincare products and facial treatments are not enough.
    by Kaydee Dela Buena .
This Beauty Pill Called Lactezin Might Be The Secret To Flawless Skin
  • Everybody wants good skin, but life can be unfair and people don't always get what they want. Beyond being painful and embarrassing, acne can cost time and money. Trying out different skincare products or taking several trips to your nearest facial clinic just won't do the trick anymore. Recently, a pill called Lactezin, which claims to fight pesky pimples and keep them from coming back has become quite popular. But can it really help?

    Lactezin: What it is and how does it work?

    Lactezin is a clinically-tested over the counter drug that uses a natural milk-derived antibacterial ingredient called Lactoferrin (found in breast milk!), which is combined with vitamin E and Zinc to reduce face oiliness, comedones (whiteheads and blackheads), and promises better complexion as early as two weeks upon use.

    For optimum results, the manufacturers suggest that you take this oral supplement twice a day to minimize skin irritation and achieve a natural glow.

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    3 main ingredients found in Lactezin

    To fully understand how this pill works, let’s break down its three main ingredients.


    Lactoferrin is a protein that is naturally derived from breast milk. For it to fully make an effect on the skin, it has to be bound with iron, the nutrient needed by bacteria and other microorganisms to grow. By getting rid of the source, it is able to fight off these "skin-emies", and also reduce redness caused by pimples due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

    Vitamin E

    The vitamin E component in the pill is an antioxidant, which protects the skin from sun damage.



    Zinc assists in healing pimples lesions and skin renewal. It is the powerful combination of the three that makes this pill effective.

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    What users think of Lactezin

    Blogger and mom of two, Jackie Go, share on her blog, “I didn’t get any breakouts during the four weeks I tried Lactezin, but I did get a pimple on my cheek. Then I figured it was my hormonal reaction, because of my red days. After I had my period, clearer skin happened. Plus there’s that fresh face look (aka glow from within) that made me go makeup-free even when I’m out and about on some days.”

    “I can say and vouch for this product. It works,” adds blogger, social media manager, and mom Joarra Torres Galang-Solis in her blog. “It’s 100% tested and safe! I have never felt this confident with my own skin. I usually wear BB creams or cushions when I go out. But since then, my skin has gotten a lot better. No more eczema, no more breakouts, no more pimples.”

    Is it safe to use by everybody?

    According to its official website, Lactezin was clinically conducted among adolescents, both men and women as young as 13 years old to 20, and was proven effective in treating acne and is well tolerated by participants. This supplement is regarded as generally safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

    In addition, lactoferrin is naturally found in human breast milk and other bodily fluids and is present in infant milk formulation. Vitamin E and Zinc are naturally found in food so consumption is guaranteed as safe. People who are lactose intolerant also shouldn’t worry about using this pill. Although lactoferrin is extracted from fresh milk, it is highly purified and deemed to have a good safety profile equivalent to a placebo.

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    If you’re considering trying out this supplement, or any vitamins for that matter, it is recommended that you seek professional advice from your doctor first. Lactoferrin is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women in food amounts, according to WebMD, so talk to your doctor before taking this as a supplement. 

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    Does Lactezin have side effects?

    While lactoferrin is deemed generally safe, it’s still best to keep the consumption to a minimum. If taken in high doses, more than the recommended twice per day intake, it can cause diarrhea, according to WebMD. Moreover, loss of appetite, fatigue, chills, and constipation have been reported. Remember, moderation is key. 

    Where can you buy Lactezin® and how much does it cost?

    Lactezin® is an over-the-counter drug which means you can purchase one in all leading drugstores nationwide as well as health and personal care stores like Watsons. It is manufactured by Innovitelle, the personal care arm of Unilab which also produces the vitamin E supplement in the country, Myra.

    One capsule of Lactezin retails for Php22 (SRP).

    While there’s really no cure for acne, you can take precautionary steps to manage it and reduce its disastrous effects on your skin and confidence. Each skin is unique so products like Lactezin may take effect differently depending on the person, so it’s still best to get advice from a professional to make sure it’s appropriate for your condition.

    What are the best vitamins to take to fight dry skin, acne, and hair loss? Click here for beauty staples that can do wonders for you!

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