How Your Lips Can Make You Look Older (And What to Do About It)

Look fresher and younger by paying attention to your pout.

Every morning you slather on skincare products, particularly eye cream and face moisturizer, before putting on makeup and again at night before going to bed. You’ve got your skin and your eyes all moisturized, but what about your lips? 

Are you doing anything to keep them looking plump and smooth? Here are some of the reasons your lips might be aging you and what you can do about them:

Dry, cracked lips

Aside from making lipstick application difficult and making your face look dry and dull, this can also be painful as lips can crack and bleed. Keep your lips moisturized by drinking water to stay hydrated and applying lip balm to help protect them from the elements. This will also prevent your lip color from settling into the cracks and making you look blotchy and unhealthy.

Flaky skin on the lips

If you’re staying hydrated but your lips still seem to be flaking, you might need to exfoliate them. After brushing your teeth before bedtime, liberally apply petroleum jelly or lip moisturizer on your lips. Gently scrub it with a damp washcloth, making sure you don’t forcibly pull out dry skin. Then, reapply your lip moisturizer.


Discolored lips can be hereditary, a side effect of smoking, caused by illness, or even due to windburn if you’re in a cold climate. Deal with it and the dryness by using lip products that will conceal while you treat your lips. Apply a lip plumper cream or lip balm all over your lips. Let it sink in while you do your makeup. Go back to your lips and use a long-wearing lip liner, like the Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner, to outline your lips. Gently shade discolored areas with soft strokes and blend it using your finger. Finally, apply lipstick.

Thin lips

Full lips signify good health and youth. If your lips are on the thin side, enhance them by using lip products, such as the Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Crème, that can help make them look fuller. It comes in 10 nude shades that are discreet enough to be used under your favorite bold lipstick. Use this every day to help make your lips look smoother, too.

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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Revlon.