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  • My Daughter and I Bond Over Lip Colors and Winged Liners

    A beauty executive shares her beauty bonding journey (and beauty tips!) with her daughter.
    by May Samson .
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    As a little girl, I remember watching my mom put on and remove makeup in front of the mirror. She always had a blue tin of cold cream she used every night before going to bed. Even then, I already knew that, someday, I’d have my own selection of creams to hold dear.  

    I now work in the beauty industry and a single mom to a 17-year-old. I’m not going to deny it—I’ve long waited and wanted my daughter, Chia, to discover skin care and makeup. Sharing with her what I know and believe in excites me more than anything, but I kept mum and waited until she was ready. 

    So when Chia came up to me early this year and asked, “Can you buy me mascara?” I went all out and provided an entire makeup stash for my girl. I knew that beauty was going to be “our thing,” another experience to add to our unique mother-and-daughter bonding moments. At the same time, I could not help think: Here was advice that I could confidently dispense without second-guessing myself. I don’t think I can say the same for motherhood, but I digress. 

    While our beauty journey is new, there have been challenges and joys. Hopefully, what I going through now with her may help you with your own teenage daughter. 

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    Skin care comes first all the time
    Making sure Chia practiced a skin care routine has become one of my challenges. It takes a lot of reminders every day, every night, to get her to properly cleanse and moisturize her skin. It’s a work in progress, but, as I always say, I trust the process! 

    Every step of the routine is important, from cleansing to moisturizing. I also urge her to use an anti-blemish stick for treatment for her breakouts. Then her makeup should also have skin care benefits, like her BB cream has SPF and is non-drying. I try to pick brands with natural ingredients, but I keep in mind that that any girl’s (or woman’s) beauty routine is always personal. What may work for me may not work on my daughter. 

    Brow grooming is a must 
    Well-groomed brows frame the face. I also think unwanted facial hair (like upper lip hair) when removed provides a cleaner and smoother canvas. Chia likes waxing for her brow and upper lip hair grooming. Threading is not an option because she has a very low tolerance for pain. 

    Always go for products with sun protection
    Whether it’s BB cream, foundation, or moisturizer, try to pick those that protect her face from the harmful rays of the sun SPF.    

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    Too much is never beautiful 
    For me, this statement is especially true when it comes to eye makeup. Young ladies do too much and they should know it adds years to their face. Thankfully, my daughter likes it simple, relying on mascara and winged liner. In fact, her winged liner technique is even better than mine! When I asked where she learned the trick, she replies, “YouTube.” One of her favorite channels is Maybaby for makeup tutorials.

    Do night time skin care
    I cannot emphasize this enough for our daughters and for us grown-ups! It pays off big time over the years. If you wear makeup, remove, remove, and remove before you go to sleep. 

    Lip color is a personal choice 
    It is always a joy when my daughter and I shop for lip color. Since we have extremely different preferences, I get to try shades that I’ve never tried before.

    I am not a lipstick girl though. I prefer glosses and sheer shines, and I truly love those by the brand I work for. Chia, on the other hand, likes to experiment. She likes matte, which is the total opposite of my gloss preference. She is also more into blush nude and light pink shades while I currently love reds and deep mauves. 

    This whole beauty bonding has been a fun and enlightening experience for me. As much as I have a lot in common with my daughter (and that includes our love for beauty), we also have our huge differences.  Having the opportunity to discover that makes me very happy.  It’s these lines in between where we learn more about one another and have guided our efforts to grow together. Every mom and daughter tandem is unique in each and every way. I hope you find yours. 

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    may and chia
    May Samson is currently the head of brand marketing for a natural personal care brand and has previously handled marketing strategy and brand communications for luxury skin care brands. Her daughter, Chia, is an incoming sophomore at UP Diliman and is a student jock for one of the country's leading radio stations. Yes, they're mother-and-daughter.  

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