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Pregnancy Made This Mom's Skin So Sensitive That Derma Clinics Didn't Know What To Do
PHOTO BY @luisabeltranpua/Instagram
  • Before pregnancy, skincare was never really on the top of my personal priority list. As long as I had sunblock and moisturizer on, I was good.

    When I got pregnant, however, everything changed. I had the most sensitive skin on the planet. I got acne breakouts and rashes on my body. I thought I was going to have a baby boy because I felt ugly all throughout my pregnancy.

    I did everything I could to try to lessen the acne on my face. Unfortunately, none of the dermatology clinics wanted to touch my skin and prescribe products because I was pregnant. They could do limited facial cleaning and that was it. One dermatologist felt so sorry for me because there was nothing she could do. She probably waived my consultation fee because she wanted to make me feel better.

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    Back to skincare basics

    Then, I developed a rash on my belly, and it spread throughout my body. I was so scared of getting stretch marks that I religiously put anti-stretch marks lotion on my belly three times a day!

    At first, I was doing fine with an anti-stretch marks body lotion. Then I was told body butter was better, but then that was when all the itching happened. I decided to go to the doctor, and she told that me I was apparently allergic to sweat.

    I was only allowed to use a soap for sensitive skin both on my face and body), baby lotion to moisturize, and baby powder or cornstarch to absorb sweat on my skin. If I felt itchy, I could only spray water on it. I also had to change my underwear to 100% cotton and make sure my clothing was totally breathable to prevent myself from sweating.

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    Postpartum skincare for sensitive skin

    "I learned a lot of lessons from my skin troubles. I tried and tested so many products and procedures."
    PHOTO BY courtesy of Luisa Beltran Pua

    Since then, I have become more conscious of the products I used on my body. I started researching natural and organic products and those that were free from harsh chemicals. And I always asked recommendations from my ob-gyn and later the pediatrician for my baby's skin. Here’s a list of some of the effective efforts that I did to reboot my skin.

    Regular monthly facial cleaning and diamond peel

    For my skin type, I only do it once a month to unclog my pores, take out the blackheads, clear the skin, and treat pimples.

    Virgin coconut oil

    It’s my major moisturizing ingredient. I had a massive dry skin incident during postpartum when I  literally shed flakes of dry skin from my arms and legs. None of the lotion I was using was effective until I mixed it with VCO. I also use VCO as my makeup remover.

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    Less is more

    I only wear full-on heavy makeup when needed. I stick to the basics: concealer, eyebrow make-up, mascara, blush, and lipstick. You know that no make-up look? That’s it. Also, I switched to natural and mineral-based makeup, so it’s not too harsh on my skin.

    Switch to all-natural skincare products

    There’s manuka honey, royal jelly, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar, and so much more. But the key on how to make it work for you is to find the products that are “hiyang” to your skin type, and hormones.

    Always clean and tone your skin

    For me, this is the holy grail, no matter what products you use on your skin.

    Luisa Beltran Pua is a model, mompreneur and a member of the Smart Parenting Mom Network. He daughter Lana is 2 years old. 

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