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Here's How to Figure Out Your Skin Type, Once and for All
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  • Before venturing deeper into skin care, you have to confirm what your skin type is. You have to be at least 98% certain so you'll be able to choose the best products for your skin. Whether your skin is dry, oily, or a combination of both, getting a proper diagnosis is the first step.

    If you're still at a loss about what your skin needs, that struggle ends now. After washing your face with your favorite gentle cleanser, pay attention to the state of your skin. Inspect how dry or oily it is, while also thinking back to your previous experiences with makeup and skin care. With all that in mind, you're ready to find out your skin type! Keep scrolling to confirm your suspicions!

    Dry skin
    Symptoms: Feels tight and uncomfortable all over without moisturizer, has dry patches, makeup flakes off or tends to look patchy, rarely or never gets oily


    If your face feels like the Sahara without moisturizer, there's a good chance that you have dry skin. Be generous with hydrating and keep away from products that are too light or contain alcohol. 

    Recommended skin care routine: Oils, thicker creams, or a multi-layer hydrating skin routine are musts. Click here for our recommended routine!

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    Normal skin
    Symptoms: Feels neutral without moisturizer, makeup doesn't slide off or flake, is neither too dry nor too oily

    We could say that this skin type has the least issues compared to the others. Since it's neither too dry nor too oily, acne has less opportunity to thrive, and moisture is appreciated but not desperately needed.

    Recommended skin care routine: Keep things relatively simple with your routine, but if you're a skin care junkie, just make sure to always keep your skin balanced by avoiding products targeted towards extreme skin concerns.

    Combination skin
    Symptoms: Oily T-zone, dry cheeks and chin area

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    Since this skin type contains two dissimilar concerns, it can be quite difficult to identify at first. However, most people with combination skin choose to identify more with their oily skin, since the effects of oily skin is more evident.

    Recommended skin care routine: With combination skin, you can either focus on your dry or oily areas or treat them both at the same time. Find a balance that works for you!

    Oily skin
    Symptoms: Feels slippery or oily without moisturizer, makeup melts off quicker because of oil, gets oily all over a few hours after cleansing

    Recommended skin care routine: Keep your skin care routine to a minimum, or avoid using too much oils that might overwhelm your skin. Here's our recommended way to deal with this skin type!

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    Bonus skin types
    Other than the four mentioned above, your skin can have other concerns. For example, you can be oily and acne-prone, or dry and sensitive. Here are the additional skin types you might have:


    Dehydrated skin
    Although dehydrated means lack of moisture, it doesn't only occur if you have dry skin. Oily skin types can be dehydrated, too! This means that even if oil production is active, your skin tends to feel dry as well. Therefore, replenish it with more water by adding hydrating toners, lotions, and other products that address dehydration.

    Sensitive skin
    Sensitive skin is very picky with products. It reacts negatively to many ingredients with redness, peeling, small bumps, and even rashes. For this skin type, find out the ingredients that your skin dislikes ASAP and stay away from them.

    Acne-prone skin
    Skin that reacts to any kind of stress with pimples can qualify as acne-prone. It simply means that you break out easily, be it from clogged pores, excess oil, stress, or a bad product. Acne scarring tends to be an issue here as well, so check out our recommended remedy here!

    Now, what's your skin type?

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