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The Best Beauty Oils to Treat 4 Top Skin Concerns
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    Beauty oils continue to be one of the more sought after skincare products on the market today, and many have become fanatics, swearing the potency of these beauty elixirs. Here's a list of the best natural oils that address your skin’s every concern. Scroll down and take a look.

    For acne
    Use: Tea tree oil

    Beaty Oils-Tea Tree Oil
    The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil, P565, Eastwood Mall

    If you’re fond of using tea tree oil to calm itchy mosquito bites, you’ll be happy to know that it’s also quite effective as a blemish spot treatment. Studies show that it’s just as effective as using benzoyl peroxide on acne.

    For wrinkles and anti-aging
    Use: Argan oil

    Beaty Oils-Argan Oil
    Lift’ Argan 100% Pure Argan Oil, P1450, Rustan’s


     Sometimes known as Moroccan oil, argan is extracted from the kernels of the argan tree and is popularly used as an all-around beauty oil for the face, body, and hair. It’s a great source of fatty acids and vitamin E and is more stable in sunlight compared to other antioxidants, which makes it the perfect moisturizer to fight wrinkles and fine lines.

    For dryness
    Use: Virgin olive oil

    Beaty Oils-Virgin Olive OilDHC Virgin Olive Oil, P2500, Lazada

     As you may know, the kitchen pantry can be a good source for beauty remedies. Virgin olive oil can actually help nourish and hydrate dry and parched skin.

    For Discoloration
    Use: Rose oil

    Beaty Oils-Rose OilLaura Mercier Infus De Rose Nourish Oil, P2850, Rustan’s

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    If you’re having trouble correcting dark marks on your face, consider mixing in a bit of rose oil in with your moisturizer. It’s rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin C, and vitamin A (the stuff retinol's made out of) that can help boost cell turnover.

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