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  • The Proper Way to Apply Eyeshadow Based on Your Eye Shape

    It's not as complicated as it sounds!
  • A working mom usually doesn't have time to put on makeup in the morning, which is perfectly understandable. But that doesn't mean you should stop trying altogether, right?

    If you're pressed for time like most busy moms, just work on your eyes! (Blush and lipstick will take only a few strokes.) What you want to do is highlight your eyes and brighten them up. Eyeshadow may seem tricky to use, but not if you know your eye shape. Here's a quick guide:

    Your Eye Shape: Round

    Primp Your Peepers: Using a light eyeshadow color, highlight below the brow bone and the inner corners of your eye. Create contrast between the highlighted parts by using a light wash of a medium eyshadow color on your lids. As a final touch, apply a darker eyeshadow color along your eye's crease. Blend the shadow from the outside going towards the middle.

    Your Eye Shape: Almond

    Primp Your Peepers: The eyeshadow technique for round eyes applies to you as well. In your case, just remember to follow the shape of your eyes, especially when blending the crease color.

    Your Eye Shape: Monolid

    Primp Your Peepers: Highlight the inner corners of the eyes, going all the way to the center of the lid. Pick a medium shade and apply it above the crease to create a round shape. Apply a dark shade the same way, but you shouldn’t go further than the center of the eye.

    Your Eye Shape: Hooded

    Primp Your Peepers: Highlight the area above your natural crease with color. Apply a dark neutral color on the outer crease. A bright shimmery shade on your lid works best.

    Your Eye Shape: Downturned

    Primp Your Peepers: Use the same technique for round or almond eyes, but remember to use heavy eyeliner, starting at the inner corners and extending all the way outside. 

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