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  • These Things Make You Look Older Than Your Age

    Here’s what to do instead.
  • What's your daily routine? For a lot of moms, it involves getting up, throwing on the usual outfit, preparing the day’s needs for the family, and so on. You have probably gotten so used to living a non-stop life that it's only when you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror that you may feel a jolt of surprise: "Is that really me? When did I get so old? Why don't I look like my age?"

    It's little things like the way you do your makeup and even the style of your hair that can make you look older than you really are. Don't panic—you don't have to undergo a complete makeover. It's just the little details that you need to change, so here's what you can do:


    Damaged hair

    Be careful when you style your hair. You're probably rushing most days, so the hotter your blow dryer or hair iron is, the faster your hair dries and the more quickly you finish prepping. The thing is, this can lead to hair breakage, which thins your hair and makes you look older.

    TIP: Use your styling tools sparingly, maybe two to three times a week. And when you do, settle for the medium heat setting. Remember to hold the dryer at least six inches away from your head, and don't forget to use a heat-protection serum.


    A colorless face

    Put on a little makeup. Even if you're rushing around all the time, don't take your face for granted. Use some lip and cheek tint to brighten your face, moisturize whenever you can, and apply some powder. You also have to make sure you use the right makeup and understand the correct application. 

    TIP: The easiest and quickest fix is to invest in the right makeup. Pencil in your brows with a few, short strokes. Get the right shade of foundation. Get your blush going with the correct application. You can learn from expert YouTube makeup tutorials. You may even find yourself enjoying in the process.



    Getting older doesn't mean looking old. Pond's Age Miracle has an array of products that can restore your youthful glow in as fast as two weeks. This skincare range contains Retinol-C Complex that works 24 hours nonstop, giving you a beautiful youthful glow.

    TIP: Complete an anti-aging regimen to achieve a youthful glow. Before heading out, use Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Day Cream SPF 18 PA++ with Retinol-C Complex that works 24 hours non-stop for faster wrinkle reduction. For the sensitive skin around the eye area, use Pond’s Age Miracle Eye Cream. To complete the look, use Pond’s Age Miracle BB+ Cream SPF30 PA++, which is Make-up + Skincare in One as it acts as both a light, powder finish make-up base and an additional sunscreen. At night, apply Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Night Cream, which is formulated with higher Retinol-C actives for faster and more intense anti-aging that works while you’re asleep.

    Living a 24 hour non-stop lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to look older—add a positive outlook to the mix and you'll be especially youthfully radiant!



This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Pond's.