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  • 5 Kinds of Footwear Every Mom Should Own

    Whether you’re out to run errands or off to a meeting, we've got your feet covered!

    They say a woman can't have too many shoes. Moms like you, in particular, are always running off somewhere: to a PTA meeting in school, a quick grocery run, or a yoga class. You may think it's more practical to have only one pair for all these errands, but in the long run, it's actually better to have one specific pair of footwear for the things you need to do.

    Specific types of shoes like the ones we've listed below will take care of your feet, allow you to express yourself, and help you look good and presentable too! Besides, who says moms can't be hip and stylish? 

    Here's a rundown of the hottest types of shoes every mom should have:

    1. Ballet flats

    Faux Pas; Wagram in Latte; Waterproof and made of eco-friendly PVC material (P2,490)

    Slip on a pair when you need to look presentable without a lot of effort. These shoes are also great when you're headed to a parent-teacher conference at your kid's school. Choose ones that are light on the feet, in easy-to-match colors. Want to make your beautiful mommy outfit pop? Choose a pair of ballet flats in hot colors! Lucky these sweet treats come in a wide array of colors.

    2. Sandals



    Fantasy; S-9011 in Cuoio; Bubble outsole sandals with back strap (P3,990)

    For a walk in the park with your little one, a pair of sandals is your best choice. These are designed to protect your toes with its footbed edge. Some are made of leather, but there are waterproof types you can use when you feel like hitting the pool or going to the beach. They have arch support, too!

    3. Slip-on Shoes

    Native Shoes; Venice Quail Purple with Shell Stripe; Super buck PU material (P3,290)

    Get yourself a pair of these comfy slip-on shoes, perfect for when you're taking the kids out to the playground or meeting a playdate. Just throw on your favorite pair of jeans, a nice shirt and you're all set!

    4. FitFlop

    FITFLOP; FLORRIE™ Toe Post in Red (P4,490)

    Take your feet on a permanent holiday and get a pair of FITFLOP! They're relatively more comfortable than a pair of heels, but they're equally as chic. Got a quick lunch out with your friends or a date with your hubby? A pair of FITFLOP would definitely be a great choice.

    5. Sneakers

    Tretorn; Signature lace-up casual leather sneaker designed with an environmentally friendly EcoOrtholite high performance sock and accent gullwing. Classic Nylite in Leather with signature Gold Gullwing (P4,490)

    Don't be surprised if this becomes your go-to shoes—you can pair them with almost anything—a sundress, shorts, jogger pants, and even a denim skirt. You can go for the classic white sneakers or bright colored ones if you want to go funky. 

    People; Philipps in Yeti White; EVA outsole, EVA insole with vent channels and breathable mesh lining with 3D printed design (P2,990)

    You can get your must-have footwear at ResToeRun, a multi-brand shoe store, which offers a delectable spread of shoes in the most tasteful designs—perfect for your every need. Check out their selection for kids, teens, and men, too, and make it your one-stop shop for footwear for the whole family! Check out their Facebook page! 


This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with ResToeRun.