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  • 7 Ideas for Twinning Outfits With Your Sons and Daughters

    Get double the style—but not the cost.
7 Ideas for Twinning Outfits With Your Sons and Daughters
  • Dressing up your kids—in twinning outfitsis just one of the fun perks of parenthood, because it's such a great way to bond. Twinning doesn't necessarily mean that your outfits should be exactly the same. It's all about wearing well-coordinated pieces and finding clothes that can be worn in different ways. Stick to basics and versatile pieces that can be worn over and over again, like those made from denim.

    For twinning looks, here are some key pieces for girls and boys:


    With Your Daughter

    A chambray polo worn with a graphic tee shows off your fun character, while a plain white tee with skinny jeans signifies simplicity. A varsity tee paired with ruffled-hem jeans reveals your adventurous yet girly side.

    1. Overalls 

    Show off the girly and active side of your mother-daughter tandem. Wear overalls with a comfy top, or just wear your denim jumper dresses as is.

    2. Polo Dress 

    For a more casual look, choose skinny to jeans to go with a closet staple (and puson-friendly classic) like a polo dress.

    3. Romper

    For days when you think wearing a dress seems impractical, wear a romper. For a twist, choose one with a simple knot tied in front.

    4. Layered Pieces

    A key to achieving the denim-on-denim look is choosing pieces in different shades of blue. Stick to a lighter shade for the top and a darker shade for the bottom. Add a printed piece like a striped pair of culotte shorts for added visual interest.


    With your son

    Things can get really rough when boys play—make sure that they're able to move freely and comfortably. The same goes for you when you're running errands. 

    5. Graphic T-Shirt

    One way to make the classic tee-and-jeans ensemble fresh is to wear biker jeans instead of the usual straight-leg pants. Top the look with a denim jacket.

    6. Denim Jacket

    Give your boy's outfit a twist by going monochrome (one shade for both the top and the bottoms) to make his denim jacket stand out.

    7. Graphic Pullover 

    Jazz up your son's pullover-and-jeans OOTD by letting him wear suspenders. This athleisure look won't be complete without a pair of slip-on sneakers.


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