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  • There's One Simple Trick to Having Fuller Breasts

    Moms can sometimes learn a thing or two from the younger generation.
    by Rachel Perez .
There's One Simple Trick to Having Fuller Breasts
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  • Motherhood can take a toll in a woman's body--that's a fact. Often there's no going back to our pre-baby state and one of the most common issues we face is the state of our breasts. Contrary to the popular myth, breastfeeding does not cause your breasts to sag. Nursing may change their shape and size, but they do bounce back (pardon the pun). However, breasts do tend to sag as one ages.

    "Breasts gradually change from having more breast tissue to having more fat, and this can make them appear less perky and even deflated looking," says Anne Taylor of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and an adjunct associate professor in the department of plastic surgery at Ohio State University.

    That said, all is not lost, at least if you take advice from model and reality star Kylie Jenner.  She has not gone through pregnancy, yes, but apparently her, uhm, fuller breasts are not genetic either. She says she just wears a padded push-up bra, particularly the Victoria's Secret Bombshell Bra. A number of women who tried the very same bra in their size, of course, confirmed that it does really instantly gives a woman cleavage to show off.

    Okay, before you complain that those pair of brassieres are expensive or not comfy, we stress that you don't have to wear a padded push-up bra every day, just for the times you need a lift (again, excuse the pun!). Here are ways to find one the fits perfectly.

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    1. Know your shape.
    According to Linda Becker, a.k.a., The Bra Lady of New York City, there are shapes of breasts. There’s full-rounded, teardrop-shaped (fuller at the bottom part), perky, wideset (far apart), augmented, and petite. Each shape fits into a certain types of bra better than others, so it's crucial to know your shape. 


    2. Find out your correct size.
    Seventy percent of women wear the wrong bra size. It's important to note that not all brands follow the same sizing. So when you're buying a new pair from a new brand, get yourself fitted by a pro. If one is not available at the store, follow these steps to find out if you're shopping for the correct bra size.

    3. Check the wires. 
    When buying a padded push-up bras, it's even more crucial to check the fit. The wire should always fit flat against the sternum between your breasts. At the sides, the wire should sit against the rib cage and never on the breast tissue. Comfort is still the priority even in power (underwear) dressing. 

    4. Say no to double-busting.
    Yes, a padded push-up bra should make your breasts appear larger, but not to the point of having to look like you have four breasts. If that's the case, it's likely either too tight or the cup too small for your size. If you're seeing double or there's gaps in the cup, the pair is defienitly not the right size for you. 

    5. Update you bra size every six months.
    Weight gain or loss, or another pregnancy can definitely affect your breast size. It's important to check and update you bra size every six months, suggests Ira Nopuente, associate beauty and fashion editor at Female Network.

    Remember, a good-fitting bra shouldn't be visible to the naked eye. That's why it's called underwear. Just like any other bra, when you try on a padded push-up bra, it shouldn't look like you're wearing one. You know what they say: Fake it till you make it!

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