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  • 5 Denim Styles That Will Look Good On Your Kids

    These denim styles are not just for adults, they will look good on your kids too!
  • You can never go wrong with denim—it's one of the easiest looks to pull off and it is incredibly timeless. Denim is very versatile too, which means you'll never run out of opportunities to change up your kids' looks. Check out the denim styles we've put together below.

    Faded Jeans and Shorts

    Nothing says denim than those faded ones you have loved back in the days. It's a great look to try on your kids especially when you're going out for some family time or if they have an event at school that does not require them to wear their uniforms. 

    Pair it with a simple white shirt, bright top, printed or striped polo shirt and any type of footwear, and you've got yourself a little charmer.

    Patches and Embroidery

    Statement tees are definitely one fun way to show your children's character. If your kids have a collection of fun shirts, pair them with denim shorts, skirts or jeans with patches and embroidery. You can also let them choose which ones they love best—it's a great way to get to know your kids!

    Denim Dress

    For your little girl, the most straightforward, effortless, and chic option is the denim dress. You can choose from various styles like the cold-shoulder denim dress or a collared sleeveless. Just pair it with white sneakers or a simple pair of flats and your little girl is all set for a day out.

    Denim Jackets

    It's not just trendy; it serves its purpose during the cold weather, too! You can layer it over a T-shirt or wrap it around your kid's waist when it gets warm.You can also get one with a hoodie for that extra protection during the rainy season—you won't run out of ways to style this piece.

    Pants with Suspenders and Jumpers

    Pants with suspenders and jumpers (also known as overalls) are just the perfect novelty pieces for your kids' #OOTD. This pair adds a fashionable twist compared to simply wearing shorts or pants with a belt. Jumpers also perk up your kids' wardrobe to a different level with just one piece of clothing.

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