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5 Pro Tips to Buying Shoes for the School Season

Get your kids shoe-ready for school with these neat picks from The SM Store.

One of the most exciting things for kids about to enter a new school year is picking out new pairs of shoes. Whether black leather shoes for the day-to-day, or rubber shoes for the more active days, parents are in the hunt for the best value footwear that will definitely go a long way in the wear and tear department.

Lucky for them, SM Shoes and Bags has options covering both the practical and aesthetic elements of kids' shoes shopping. We recently looked around The SM Store and we're giving you the lowdown of the best of the best when it comes to shoes that are really cool for school. While we're at it, we also have some tips on what to look out for when it comes finding the perfect school pair for your little ones!

Size matters

A lot of parents automatically go for bigger shoes when it comes to children, thinking that they will grow in to them anyway. It is advisable to buy just half-a-size to a size larger because shoes that are too big can be just as uncomfortable as ones that are too small.

PRO TIP: If your little girl is the type whose shoes are prone to slipping off, save them the struggle and opt for strapped shoes such as these cute Mary Janes.

SM in-house brand: Sugar Kids

Prioritize comfort

While we all want our kids to look good with the latest and trendiest footwear, it is important to note that they will be using these shoes for the rest of the year. Invest in good ones that have really comfortable soles and won't need much "breaking-in".

PRO TIP: For little boys, choose a pair that will hold up well against all the running and walking that's about to happen all year.

SM in-house brand: Tough Kids

Check with the school for any requirements

Especially when it comes to sports shoes, some schools may have specific requirements such as all-white, laced or not laced, while some are pretty lenient when it comes to color and style. The good news is there are so many choices out there—just make sure that the shoes fit the purpose.

PRO TIP: Don't forget to make your kids wear socks when shopping so that they can fit the shoes according to how they should be worn.

For boys: Converse, Vans, World Balance, Polo, Keds

For girls: Sugar Kids, Minnie Mouse, Polo, Keds, Barbie

Take your kids shopping with you

Shoes fit different people differently, and taking your kids with you while shopping for their shoes just might be the smartest idea ever. With this, you can ensure that the shoes fit and that your kids love them. 

PRO TIP: Involve them in the selection process and let them have a say in what they'll be wearing to school. Encourage them to show their individuality and, in some cases such as the ones below, wear their favorites with them everyday!

From left to right: Barbie, My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Frozen, Disney Princess

Don't stress yourself out by going all over the metro to hunt for the right pair

Go to a place which you think showcases the best selection, features a wide range of trusted and reliable brands, and most of all, gives you the most bang for your buck. Bet we don't have to tell you where the holy grail is!

*All products featured are available at the children’s shoes department of The SM Stores nationwide.


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