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  • 5 Secrets of Best-dressed Kids

    We've cracked the code of stylish little ones.
  • It's been said that money can't buy you style. That's true even for kids (and it also helps to be a natural cutie!). Expensive clothes don't necessarily equate to being stylish—it's in how you put together your kids' outfits.

    So how do best-dressed kids pull off such stylish looks? Here's what we've observed. Take down notes, Moms! These five style secrets don't cost a thing:


    1. They know the art of layering.

    When you practice layering, you come up with new outfits from the same set of clothes. Now that's smart! For boys, start with a basic T-shirt, and then top it with a button-down or a jacket. For girls, let them wear a turtleneck under a dress. 


    2. They mix colors carefully.

    Have your kids wear colors that complement each other. While playing it safe with neutrals (black, white, and gray, for example) is okay, trying other color combos won't hurt. Try red and blue plus another neutral color for starters.


    3. They are not afraid to wear prints.

    One way best-dressed kids show their fun personality is by playing with different prints: pinstripes, polka dots, ribbons, florals, hearts, and more. Mixing prints is also possible, as long as you stick to the same color palette. You can also treat stripes as a "neutral" print. Try pairing it with polka dots. Lastly, don't forget to have fun with prints and patterns!


    4. They fuse pretend play with fashion.

    Pretending to be a princess doesn't have to be limited to playtime. Why not be one in real life? Dress up your little girl in lovely pastel shades and textured fabrics. Also, look beyond pink. Mint and white are fit for royalty, too. And if your daughter is a tough cookie, make her wear high-cut sneakers instead of ballet flats for the right mix of sweet and spunky.


    5. They don their OOTDs with a healthy dose of confidence.

    It's the secret ingredient. A big smile can also up the ante of your kid's outfit. After all, who says the little ones can't have fun with fashion? It doesn't have to be about comfort alone; personality counts a lot, too.


    Dress up your kids in clothes that can help them look like the best-dressed bunch. For double-tap-worthy OOTDs that won't break the bank, head to SM Kids at The SM Store and check out the holiday collection. 

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with SM Kids.