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  • Andi Dresses Lilo, Koa In Secondhand Clothes: Here's Why You Can Do The Same For Your Kids

    Andi gets her haul from an online shop owned by a young mom.
    by Jocelyn Valle .
Andi Dresses Lilo, Koa In Secondhand Clothes: Here's Why You Can Do The Same For Your Kids
PHOTO BY Instagram/andieigengirl
  • True to Andi Eigenmann's advocacy of "conscious living" and sustainable lifestyle, the actress-turned-"island mama" of three and content creator buys secondhand clothes not only for herself but also her younger kids Lilo and Koa.

    Andi recently shared photos from the "mini shoots" she did for Lilo, 3, and Koa, 2, to "help make secondhand kids fashion become more mainstream." She added, "An older child's trash, is definitely a little one's treasure."

    She then gave this advice to fellow moms: "Before resorting to fast fashion for our children's clothes, always nice to look at shops that shops that enable us to give more love to pre loved clothes that other children have outgrown."

    Why you should get your kids preloved clothes?

    1. Value for money

    As Andi puts it, "More often than not, it's a more stylish, timeless, piece with better quality for a good price."

    2. Practicality

    Kids grow up fast, so they will only get to wear their clothes a few times.

    3. Eco-friendly

    Clothes that are passed on from one child to another lengthen their usability, thus lessening the chances of ending up in the dumpsite.

    Andi also creates "circularity" by either passing on or reselling her pre-loved that "no longer ~spark joy~," as well as buying secondhand stuff "once in a while,"  especially for her "evergrowing children."

    Where to start?

    Outside your circle of family and friends, you can get pre-loved items from online stores. Andi gets her haul, based on her tagged photos, from WeRise Kids. It specializes in vintage children's wear and is owned by a young mom of one.


    "I've always dreamt of putting up my own shop to share my passion for visual arts," wrote Dawn Ibay, the online shop's owner, on its website. "It took long years for me to figure out exactly what I wanted until I had a baby. It was also in that period of time when I became more conscious of what I purchase.

    "I created this shop for three main reasons: to showcase to other parents that there are so many beautiful and unique secondhand pieces available, ready to be loved again. Secondly, to help them put together sustainable and meaningful pieces for their littles. Lastly, I wanted to make these found treasures accessible to as many kiddos as possible."

    If you're a new mom, you can also buy pre-loved baby essentials with tips you can read here.

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