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  • Dressing Your Kids: How to Put Together Comfort and Style

    These fun and functional ensembles would look and feel great for when they're out on a play date, headed to the mall, or at a birthday party.
  • It shouldn't be hard to dress your kids, right? Not quite. Sometimes it can be challenging to make sure you have a nice balance between comfort and style.

    The key is to pick clothes with designs that would stay true to what your child likes—you'd be surprised at how early they can develop a sense of style! Make sure they're made from breathable material too, since kids tend to move a lot and the weather keeps changing.

    The good news is, you only have to search through the SM Kids' Tees Collection to find what you're looking for. The SM Kids' Tees Collection offers shirts with playful designs and cute colors. It would be easy for you to mix and match pieces depending on where your kids are off to. Take a look at the designs below, mom.

    The Look: Simple, low-key

    The Gig: Family day

    PRO TIP! These toned-down designs are appropriate for family day. Basic colors with no loud prints and statements, paired with well-pressed khaki pants or jeans also work really well.

    The Look: Ready for action

    The Gig: Play date at the park

    PRO TIP! Dress your kids in light-colored shirts to keep them cool when they go out to play with their friends. You can also opt for extended sleeves to protect them from the sun. 

    The Look: Cool kid

    The Gig: Casual day at school

    PRO TIP! Kid-friendly statement tees are your best bet when the kids take a break from wearing their school uniform. Imagine the riot when they take turns reading out the witty lines on their shirts! You can keep the look fun and casual with cargo shorts or jogger pants.

    The Look: Party-ready

    The Gig: Friend's birthday bash

    PRO TIP! When it comes to birthday parties, you want your kids to look presentable and also be comfortable enough to move during party games. For your little boys, dress up these shirts with dark-washed jeans. For your little girls, pick tees you can pair with comfy embroidered shorts.

    The Look: Hang loose

    The Gig: Mall-hopping

    PRO TIP! Anything goes when it's the weekend. Girls can bare their shoulders or layer their tees, while boys can go with bright colors and loud prints. Just have them throw on a light jacket if it gets chilly.


    Go to any SM Department Store now and look through the SM Kids’ Tees Collection for comfortable, fashionable finds! Visit SM Kids' Facebook page, too!

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