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  • Feeling Losyang? 5 Ways To Stay Stylish Kahit Buntis

    Being buntis doesn’t mean you can’t look or feel good anymore.
    by RM Urquico .
Feeling Losyang? 5 Ways To Stay Stylish Kahit Buntis
PHOTO BY Love Bonito, Marks & Spencer, Shutterstock
  • Are you sitting at home in the heat wearing your husband’s boxers -- or perhaps with an old pair of a shorts and a T-shirt with more holes than tela? Are your hubadera tendencies coming out simply because you have nothing to wear? Does the thought of getting dressed up to go out make you long for the days we all lived in lockdown?

    You may still be wearing your usual clothes that you’re starting to outgrow: pants that feel a bit too tight around the midsection, and shirts that are starting to hug over the boob area. Now’s the time for a mini wardrobe revamp. Here are some ideas for stylish maternity clothes that you can wear to the office, when running errands, or just to break out of a fashion rut. Hopefully you will feel losyang no more.

    Underwear makes a difference 

    Nothing is more annoying than a bra that doesn’t really fit -- the underwire digging into your underboob, or the bra band constricting your breathing. Having correctly-sized maternity bras and underwear can make a huge difference in comfort even during the first trimester. For most moms, going a size up is the way to go until the last few months before you evict your growing tenant.


    If wearing a bra feels like a chore, try nursing or maternity bras made from bamboo material. Lightweight, cool, and without underwire, they’re a good alternative to your everyday bralette. If you feel you need more support, look for maternity bras with full wire. You can also go for bra extenders like the ones from M&S, in case you want to continue wearing your faves, but the boobs need a little extra room. Your girls deserve it.

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    Don’t dismiss lingerie either. Showing off the bump can help you feel more confident. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t feel sexy. That’s what got you here in the first place.

    Pants are the worst, so go for shorts

    Maternity jeans conjure up images of those pants with a band over the waist area, and nothing seems less stylish. But these days, you have more than those options, like fantastic shorts from Love, Bonito.

    Maternity leggings that grow with your bump are also an easy, no-brainer solution even if you just have to slip them on to receive that Shopee delivery. No one will know if you decide to forego the underwear. Well-made leggings and underwear can also give extra support for a growing belly -- and ease an aching back. (At least until you can get that pre-natal massage.)

    Dresses, dresses, and more dresses


    Every expecting mom’s secret weapon is a loose, yet stylish dress that’s easy to dress up or down. The trusty duster is always a good place to start – but this isn’t the duster hanging in your mom’s closet! (Please look at  the ones in your tita’s, particularly if she likes to go out for brunch).


    Kaftans and shift dresses can accommodate a growing bump, are easy to accessorize, and make you look put together without doing much. And they’re easy to put on -- no bending, twisting, or having to sit down to pull things up. The best part is you can still wear it after you give birth.


    If you plan to breastfeed, nursing dresses are also a good bet. You can simply go one size up (okay, maybe two) so you don’t have to give up your favorite brands. H&M, Zara and Mango have dresses for every budget that can easily be transitioned to everyday or officewear after you give birth.

    Get some inspiration from these stylish pregnant moms: Iya Villania, Sam Godinez-Valenciano, Diana Zubiri Smith!

    Jumpsuits and co-ords are key pieces

    If you’re looking for easy looks that come together in a snap, jumpsuits and coordinates eliminate the need to think about what’s bagay or not, and help you look like you spent a lot of time planning your outfit. They can be dressed up or down, and come in a variety of materials and patterns for any occasion.


    Rompers and jumpsuits can also double as loungewear so you can look good for the video call where your boss insists that you keep the video on.

    Sleepwear can change the game

    It may feel like you’re living in your pajamas because you're pregnant, but this is a great excuse to add nursing pajamas to your shopping cart. Going a size up or getting cute nursing PJs will save you the discomfort after giving birth, too. You'll thank us later when you're spared from waking up in the middle of the night with your shirt hiked up to your armpits because you fell asleep while nursing the new little one.


    Adding a few key pieces like these to your wardrobe can help battle the losyang blues and make for great OOTDs. Treat yourself, momma, because you're going to need as much good vibes as you can through this emotional journey called motherhood. After all, sometimes, all you need is a new outfit.

    But what about footwear, you ask? Check out these year-round pregnant or not sandals we picked.

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