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Stop Working Out In Your Pambahay While Pregnant: A Guide To Maternity Activewear

Working out in your pambahay can feel presko, but it's not good for your growing belly (or breasts!). Invest in these activewear pieces.

Keeping fit during pregnancy might actually be the easy part -- after all, you’re a strong, fierce mama-to-be that's able to carry a growing bowling ball of a belly while doing daily tasks. If you're also able to keep up with the gym, your yoga classes, or your daily run (sige na nga, walk na din) without much trouble, then you know how empowering it is to break a sweat and build some muscle while you're pregnant.

Madali lang mag-work out, but having to constantly adjust your leggings can stop you from getting in the zone. Working out in your pambahay can also be dangerous – while a loose tee and shorts might feel comfy, you and the baby need that extra support, especially during the second and third trimester. Don’t skimp on these key activewear pieces!

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What to look for in maternity activewear

Look for pieces that can grow with you and the baby. It’s best if they’re made of breathable, moisture-wicking, light, and stretchy fabric. Thicker fabric can make you feel overheated in the tropics so the key words here are: stretch, cotton, lightweight -- you get the idea.

Invest in pieces that can transition from the pre- to postnatal period so look for material that can stretch and bounce back. Transition pieces like crop tops and jackets make for a perfect gym OOTD outfit – bump or no bump.

You may find your perfect fit outside the maternity wear section -- size up when it comes to your favorite brands and don’t be afraid to buy a few different sizes to prepare for different stages of weight gain and manas. 

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Experts at Nike say, always fit your clothes before purchase anyway. Body perception can prevent a mom-to-be from ordering a size up, but trying on a new size and feeling comfortable in it can make the difference in your decision-making process.

Support that bump bump bump

Look for leggings and workout shorts that completely cover the bump to give it much needed support. Blanqi and Recess have maternity leggings made for working out -- but we won’t tell anyone if you decide to just wear them 24-7. There’s also the crowd favorite: Mamaway ActiveWear Leggings that are budget-friendly and among the best-reviewed on Shopee.

Maternity compression shorts are also a great option for workouts of higher intensity to help redistribute weight and pressure in the hip and genital area.

Support tanks are also a great alternative if you dislike the feeling of a big band over your belly. Blanqi’s support tanks are made of material that stretches with you as you grow, but are made of a butter-soft breathable fabric that makes layering a breeze. If you must invest, go for stretchy tops.

While stealing your husband’s jerseys and dri-fit shirts may be the wais option, you can also invest in a few made-for-you workout tops like Nike’s Dri-Fit maternity shirts. Belly bands can give you that needed support and let you keep wearing your favorite yoga pants even after you’ve kind of outgrown them, too.

Keep the girls in check

The way most sports bras are structured can make working out a literal pain when you’re pregnant, especially if you’ve gone up a cup size or two. Wide straps and full coverage cups can help ease that soreness and back pain.

Get extra support with the Recess Unstruggle Bra -- totally made for pregnant and breastfeeding moms. The best part of this bra is that it’s a front zip -- so no need to struggle with removing a sticky, tight bra. IYKYK!

Nursing sports bra like these ones from H&M can last you beyond your pre-natal yoga classes. Check out Aura Atheletica’s Sunkissed bra – it features a low back clasp and razorback crisscross straps.

All in the shoes

If you’re expecting, the right shoes can mean the difference between aching feet and a great workout. Don’t be surprised if you need to size up to continue wearing your favorite pair of sneakers, most women go up half a size during pregnancy.

The baby can shift your center of gravity so look for full support, high-cut shoes that give you a nice solid base to work out from. A good pair of workout shoes can also help prevent injuries and falls. Try the Go Walk Lite slip on sneaker by Sketchers (no troublesome laces) or a great sport sneaker like the New Balance Nergize.  Bawal madapa!

You can continue to look and feel amazing while you keep moving during your pregnancy. You’ve got this, mama!

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